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New Glarus Library Building Project Update

No description

Kevin Budsberg

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of New Glarus Library Building Project Update

New Glarus Library Building Project Update
November 2013
Thank You!!!
Reason for optimism
Remember the goal
Facts about donors
Your support has placed the library campaign in a strong position:
Private pledges exdeeding $745,000
Successful partial profit days at many businesses around town
A general feeling that the library's time has come, but it is a matter of priorities and timing
And yes, there are are still those who oppose the current plans
Together we have accomplished a lot!
Public opinion is continuing to turn in favor of a new library
A great site and plan have been developed with extensive public input
A comprehensive study of the current and future needs of the community is completed
Engagement by the community to find the best library solution
The Spring 2013 election was rough
Voters selected a new Village President, Roger Truttmann; and one new Trustee was appointed, Eric Gobeli
There is no avoiding the fact that the election results substantially changed the path we are on
The new Village Board also imposed some new things
The village commitment and site will be subjected to village referenda on the Spring 2014 ballot
Glarner Park is being explored as an alternative site
The Village-Town negotiations involving substantial library operational support have been put on hold
Our campaign leadership isn't going anywhere
All contributions are safe and earning interest (more on that in a moment)
There is a turnaround of opinion underway in the business community
All discussions to date are about how to deliver the best library. We seem to be past the debate of whether we need one.
Donations continue to come in!
Donors from 16 states
82% of donors are from Green and Dane Counties
Facts about YOUR donations
Committments to date exceed $745,000 (60% of the building campaign goal)
So far, we have approximately $325,000 in cash on hand for the project
To date, your contributions have yielded $2,270 in interest
Once your donation is received, a one-time fee is assessed by CFSW, then interest begins to accrue and all interest is returned to the capital fund. These funds pay for things the village and library are simply not set up to do
The CFSW funds were chosen to protect the principal - we did not want to lose any of the funds that have been contributed
The building campaign and CFSW independently track every donation
Basically, we think we have a very good partner in CFSW.
How you can continue to help us
Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors about the project and why you chose to support it
If you are a village resident, vote on April 1, 2014
If you love the library from outside the village, encourage all of your village people to vote on April 1, 2014
Consider becoming involved in the governing process by contacting the Village President and Trustees
Use YOUR library!
A welcoming location and facility for all
A center of lifelong learning
An engaging environment, with special emphasis on youth and seniors
A hub of Swiss culture and heritage
An inspirational place to learn and connect
A cornerstone and gathering place for the community
55% of donors from right here, New Glarus
Just over half of all donations honor the memory of a loved one
A few notes on the referenda
Two questions will be structured as follows:
"Shall the Village Board of the Village of New Glarus borrow up to $1 million in funds and allocate an additional $40,000 of capital project undesignated reserve funds for the building of a library?

If you answered yes above, what do you prefer as a site for a library.
• Glarner Park located west of the Fire Department.
• The parcel located west of the Swiss Center of North America."
An official, village run educational effort is being worked on so voters can make an informed decision, but will include information being distributed in the paper, on the web, and a Q&A session with the Village Board
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