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The Earth's Layers

Here is some info. about the Earth's layers.

Samwich Garcia

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of The Earth's Layers

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By:

Garcia The Earth's Layers The Earth isn't just a big blue planet with:
The Earth is also made out of,LAYERS!But how many layers does the Earth have?6,counting the lithosphere and the asthenosphere. THICKNESS:
*5-100 km. thick CRUST MANTLE THICKNESS:
*very thick
*rocky shell which is
2890 km(1800 miles)thick OUTER CORE THICKNESS:
*6960 km in diameter INNER CORE ASTHENOSPHER The asthenosphere is a portion of the upper mantle just below the lithosphere that is involved in plate tectonic movement and continent adjustments. The lithosphere includes the crust and the uppermost mantle,constitute the hard and rigid outer layer of Earth. LITHOSPHERE *Outer Core TOTAL LAYERS OF EARTH AND
WHICH ONES THEY ARE: ORDER OF EARTH'S LAYERS: The crust is actually divided in 2 parts:
*the continential crust
*the oceanic crust DID YOU KNOW?: Black:
Inner Core ON MY PROJECT: THANKS! Out of Earth's layers,many people say that
there are actually four layers.People count the inner and outer core as one.Also,like the lithosphere is part of the athenosphere,they count it as one. Samantha TEMPERATURE:
*the heat increases as you go deeper
*starts out as 0 degrees,then goes up 400 degrees WHAT IT'S MADE OF:
*magnesium-2% EXTRA:
*outer layer TEMPERATURE:
*ranges between:
500 to over 4000 degrees C EXTRA:
*layer above core
*middle layer WHAT IT IS MADE OF:
*iron,ca-lcium,so-dium,po-tassium TEMPERATURE:
*7200-9032 degrees F
(4000-5000 degrees C) WHAT IT IS MADE OF:
*some nickel
*consists of iron TEMPERATURE:
*7200-9032 degrees
F(4000-5000 degrees C) Crust Outer Core THICKNESS:
*2440 km in diameter WHAT IT'S MADE OF:
*some nickel
*10%-sulphur *Inner Core *Mantle *Crust *Asthenosphere *Lithosphere The asthenosphere is actually part of the lithosphere. The outer and inner core both combine into one one just making the core. Asthenosphere RED:
Mantle Orange:Crust Peach:
Outer Core Purple:
Asthenosphere Yellow:
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