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Preston Pearson

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of PHIL ROBERTSON


Mr. Robertson was born in far northwestern Louisiana, Robertson was the fifth of seven children of James and Merritt Robertson.
The Robertson family lived in rugged conditions - no electricity, no toilet, no bathtub, and insufficient lodging. His family had to live off the land - fruits and vegetables they grew in their garden, the meat from all sorts of game they hunted and fished, and the animals they raised.
In his book, Happy, Happy, Happy, Robertson mentions that "It was the 1950s when I was a young boy, but we lived like it was the 1850s...but we were always happy, happy, happy no matter the circumstances."
Practical vs IQ
Robertson expresses more of the practical intelligence.
He was able to obtain his wealth because of his endless experiments and trial and error with so many types of duck calls. It was not because he has a mind of a genius that he was able to achieve his success.

His practical intelligence comes from living off the land and growing up in a very poor type of environment. Which forced him into knowing what to do in the wild and how to hunt effectively. His IQ comes from everything thing he’s learned through his life upon taking what he knows (hunting) and using it to turn it a million dollar business (duck calls).
Partners / Alliances?
Robertson used his family and his house to help with his business. Each person in his family had a role in helping Robertson and his home was where everything was being made. Eventually his sons took over the family business and now operate it. Willies (Robertson's eldest son) wife's (Korie) family (the Howard's) helped kick off Duck Commander by giving money to Robertson. Korie helps design clothes suitable to hunters for the sister company called Buck Commander and also serves as the Duck Commander office manager.

With help from every avenue in the Robertson family, they were able to grow the company into an ever expanding enterprise.
Entitled or Earned?
Robertson knew that he would never be able to take the country out of him. He knew that he had a choice between professional football and the woods. So he went with what he loved and after hard work and lots of uneasiness along the way, he was able to create a successful call and business which eventually made a successful life for his kids and wife. His wealth was obtained through it all and was not necessarily handed to him but rather earned through hard work, intelligence, and a strong love for what he does. Entitlement means that the person obtains it with regardless of whether they deserve it or not. This does not describe Robertson at all, he was never destined to or knew of what success he would have in his life. But he worked his butt off for many years in order to achieve success and earn the rights to the most successful duck call company on the market today.
As an athlete in high school, Robertson was all-state in football, baseball, and track, which afforded him the opportunity to attend Louisiana Tech University in Ruston on a football scholarship in the late 1960s.

There he played first-string quarterback for the Bulldogs, ahead of Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. Who told the media "The quarterback playing ahead of me, Phil Robertson, loved hunting more than he loved football. He'd come to practice directly from the woods, squirrel tails hanging out of his pockets, duck feathers on his clothes. Clearly he was a fine shot, so no one complained too much."

After receiving his bachelor's degree in physical education and a master's in education, Robertson spent several years teaching.

Early Adult Years
After teaching for several years, he came to the conclusion that his time and talents would be better spent in the woods. He decided to find income as a commercial fisherman, which didn't provide much.

Later on Robertson, now running a bar, was becoming a victim to alcohol, and at times would kick his wife and children out of the house. He began to commit many crimes, and would hide out in the woods for weeks at a time to avoid the authorities.

The only thing that kept his wife, Kay, in the marriage was the quote, "One man, one wife, for one life" (they dated 2 years before they got married in 1966, Kay was 16)

At the age of 28, Robertson learned about the promise of Heaven (from a fellow Christian man) and ended up repented his sins and was baptized.
After frustration and disappointment settled in, upon using awful duck calls, Robertson began to experiment and make his own. The first Duck Commander call was invented by Robertson in 1972. He received a patent for this call and the Duck Commander Company was incorporated in 1973.

His home became his "factory" from where the calls were assembled, packaged, and shipped. Many stores turned down his product so the commercial fishing business put food on the table while he tried to reach success.

Since 1973, Duck Commander Products, which now include much more than just duck calls, have been sold in all fifty states and in several countries. Duck Commander is still a family business with all four sons and their wives working for the company at one time or another. Duck calls are still being built, blown, packaged and shipped in the Robertson's home on the Ouachita River. Today, the company of Duck Commander is a multi-million dollar empire, headed by his son, Willie Robertson.
Current Life...
Many may not know that Robertson is invited to speak to hundreds of different churches and organizations every year, telling them what the Lord has done for him and can do for them.
He still keeps up the commercial fishing, which feeds his employees and family.
He is now a reality TV show star on Duck Dynasty and is featured on a hunting program on the outdoor channel and on Buck Commander.
Robertson currently has a net worth of 15 million dollars!

His kids
Jason Silas Robertson- (Jase) Robertson lives in Louisiana with his wife, Missy, and his three children. Robertson is known for avoiding work in favor of hunting and fishing, speaking "duckinese", and he calls himself "a frog's worst nightmare" (He is the outdoors-man)
Willie Jess Robertson- (The CEO of D.C.) is a businessman, "outdoorsman", hunter, and author. Willie has always been fascinated with the family business and managed to take it to a multi-million dollar empire!
(brother)Silas "Si" Robertson- "HEY JACK" is his trademark phrase and is known for his jokes, being a Vietnam War vet., and lack of skills.
Jules Jeptha Robertson (youngest brother) and Alan Merritt Robertson (preacher and chooses not to be on the show)
Overcoming Obstacles
Phil Robertson has overcome many obstacles such as:

-His alcohol addiction
-His need to run from his family
-His own mistakes and errors
-He has transcended to living a religious life
-Overcome being a poor father/husband
-Overcome poverty
-Overcome all the rejections from companies

Practical intelligence was more vital for Robertson in achieving success because it wasn’t because of his intelligence that he overcame all of these obstacles. But rather was through hard work, practicality, and his love for hunting.

In the duck call industry Calling Ducks, Drake, Native Calls, Flying Aces, KES, and Lannom are among the top competitors to Duck Commander.

In order to rise above the competition, Robertson was able to become a reality TV personality in which his company is continually featured. He is also on the outdoor channel and others, where he hunts for ducks using his products. He was able to become a popular icon in society whereas his other competitors are no where near his popularity level. He has also created clothing merchandise to attract more business and endorsement deals from all sorts of companies. Duck Commander is now a popular hunting, clothing, and monumental type of company with a mixed fan base of millions. Robertson's ability to recognize the different avenues his company can take to become the most popular and outshine/out-sell his competitors is a true example of his intelligence.

Ch. 3 and 4
Gladwell’s purpose in chapters 3 and 4 of Outliers, “The Trouble with Geniuses, Parts One and Two,” was to persuade the reader that having a high intelligence, even at the genius level, does not correlate to having a successful/ very wealthy life.
In order to get his message of a non-direct correlation to having a high IQ and achieving a large salary or a high position in society across and persuade the reader, Gladwell often makes analogies, emotional appeals, and includes background information. He chronologically recalls information about certain "outliers" that have not achieved their full potential and
explains why that is.
Gladwell stands by his theory of, "without practical intelligence, even the most intelligent person will not make it very far". He has included examples of men who have similar IQ test scores which have been tested for practical intelligence. These tests could include describing all the uses of a ladder or other objects. The point of these tests is to determine one's personality and to gauge the creativity of one’s mind. Upon completion of these tests, it is evident if you posses practical intelligence and creativity.

My outlier, Phil Robertson, reinforce’s Gladwell's theory because he is not a proclaimed genius but a practical millionaire. He was able to create something useful for millions of people, because he recognized a problem and sought to improve it. Many intelligent men live their life in a laboratory, in science/math departments, or as professors earning a fair salary. But only the men who possess both IQ and practical intelligence are the ones that are earning lots and lots of money in today's society; and Phil Robertson is one
of those men.
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