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Anime Club v2

Work in Progress

Sam I Am

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Anime Club v2

What Is Our Purpose? Anime & Manga Japanese Culture -Promote awareness and understanding of Japanese culture
-Learning is good! -Show & Read
-Talk about it
-Promote it -Promote knowledge and appreciation of Japanese Animation and Japanese Cartoon Publications Sponsor! Secretary People We Need -Meets with President (and other officers)
-He's gotta know what's going on, guys. President Overseer. Meetings! The "main man".
The "boss lady".
(Not just a pretty face) Anime Club! (Yes, we do need one. Yes, it has to be a good one.) For all officers: -Show up at every meeting
-Promote Club
-Generate fund raising ideas
-Recruit new members
-Collect ideas for club activities -Calls meetings
-Runs meetings
-Prepares meeting agenda
-Excuses absences -Makes sure everyone is holding up to their responsibilities
-Approves/disapproves of events/activities/suggestions
-Appoints members to club tasks or activities -Assists the President in all Activities
-Follows up on fund raising and other activity planning Vice President President's
Replacement Club Publicity. -Runs meetings when President is gone
-President must inform VP when he/she will be gone so VP can step up
-If President leaves/quits, VP is new President -Make/print club flyers, event flyers, general handouts
-Posts events, etc. Second in Command Treasurer -Organize and record plans
-Keeps record of all meetings
-Keeps track of attendance
-Keeps track of deadlines
-Keeps track of members' contact info
-Correspondence -Keeps track of how much money the club has
-Keeps organized and itemized list of incoming and outgoing money associated with the club
-Makes sure everything is paid on time
-"Okays" financial decisions made by other officers
-Makes sure there is no overspending We can fix it!
Solutions: Potential Problems -Irregular attendance
-Done only for socialization (or food)
-Too much noise/too many people speaking at once -Don't join too many clubs!
-Take the ones you do join seriously (don't come if you don't care)
-Don't talk over each other, and take turns
-Speaking object? Anime-related Activities Cultural Activities What can we do? (Sounds boring, but it can be fun!)
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