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Sampler of Singapore Education

To be used for ACI project


on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of Sampler of Singapore Education

Arrival in Singapore Your concern for your child started early... even before his birth... When it comes to education, you would want the best option possible. In addition, how would you know which education system is the best? Before we buy a car or a house, we get to see and test it. Can we do the same for education? What if you can have a sample of an education in Singapore? A sample itinerary (4 days, 3 nights in Singapore) Day 1 Day 2 ...you always have his interests in mind City Tour Short presentation of Singapore education

Day 3 Viewing accommodation options
Getting around Singapore
Edutainment program Day 4 Free & Easy
Depart Singapore
A taste of an education in Singapore How likely are you to choose Singapore for your child's further education? 1. Most likely
2. Likely
3. No difference
4. Unlikely
5. Most unlikely Explain reasons:
............................................ Site visits to 2-3 education institutions
Tour of campus grounds Observing lessons in progress Viewing campus facilities Endowment Policy Planning and securing
a bright life and education
Waiver of premium benefits in the event of the policy owner’s death or total disability
Family income benefits of 10% paid in the event of the policy owner’s death or total disability Policy owner’s insurance Child’s protection plan Secured family finance -Accidental dismemberment benefits
-Major disease benefits
-Death benefits
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