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Exploring the Titanic- edTPA (Task one)

No description

Sarah K

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Exploring the Titanic- edTPA (Task one)

Exploring the Titanic
edTPA- task one, planning

Lesson One
Background information on the Titanic:
What is a disaster?
Narrative Nonfiction
Literary Elements
Source Materials
Chronological Order
KWL (What I know, What I want to know, What I learned)
YouTube video of Robert Ballard
Lesson Two
Begin reading -- from
Exploring the Titanic
by Robert Ballard
Making inferences worksheet
Students were able to:
Comprehend a short story
Complete comprehension quiz
Practice prior knowledge
Recall information
Make inferences in regards to the short story
Recognize vocabulary
Distinguish meaning of words/phrases
Formulate answers
Lesson Three
Finish reading
Comprehension quiz
Finish "KWL"
Turn in both worksheets
Chronological order activity
What is a disaster?
Titanic before reading worksheet
Titanic inferences worksheet
informal assessment
Comprehension reading quiz
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