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Old Yeller

Author of book: Fred Gipson.

Yasmine Griffin

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Old Yeller

Old Yeller Author of book: Fred Gipson
Author of prezi: Yasmine Plot,Conflict,Rising Action and Climax. Resolution and fun things! Resolution: The Bear Scene. Thank you for watching! Climax: Conflict Rising Action: Setting. Little Arliss and Old Yeller playing in their drinking water. Characters: Setting/Characters. Old Yeller takes place in Salt Lick, Texas, 600 mile south of Abilene Kansas in the 1860's. It also takes place at Travis's (the main character) log cabin in Birdsong creek, as well as a forest. Old Yeller ( One of the main characters). He is a yellow golden retriever. Back then yellow dogs were called "yeller" that's how the book got its name.
Travis- ( Another main character). Travis goes on a journey with Old Yeller.
Little Arliss- (The other main character)Travis's brother. He ends up falling in love with Old Yeller.
Momma- Little Arliss's and Travis's mom.
Papa- Little Arliss's and Travis's dad.
Burn Sanderson- Owner of dog
Lisbeth- Burn Sanderson's friend. The plot in Old Yeller is Travis finds dog, he doesn't like the dog, Yeller hepls the family, Travis grows up to love Yeller, and the boy has to kill the dog. Rising Action: Burn Sanderson tells Travis that there is a disease going on. The disease was Hydrophobia. He tells Travis to be careful and make sure Old Yeller doesn't get it. Climax: Old Yeller fought a wolf who had Hydrophobia. Travis had to shoot Old Yeller because he had Hydrophobia. He couldn't put his family in that much danger.. Even though they didnt know for sure that Old Yeller had it. Elisabeth gives Travis and Little Arliss another dog.After shooting Old Yeller he realizes that the puppy is an smaller version of Old Yeller when he steals his Mommas cornbread. Questions?? Plot Conflict: Travis and Little Arliss are hunting when Arliss gets attacked by a mama bear and Travis and Momma help fight it off. They end up being successful.
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