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Acer : Street Marketing Campaign

No description

Caroline LE PAPE

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Acer : Street Marketing Campaign

Brief Reminder
For May 13:
Street Marketing Campaign for the brand

- Create something
around the theme:
tablets are the
perfect medium
to watch your
favorite series
- People must feel experiencing something new.
- They must use the tablet to realize the capabilities of the product.
- Working in group of 5 people.
- Budget : 50 000€.

Acer : Street Marketing Campaign

Chloé Balleix
Laurie Daviet
Maëlle Delavergne
Louise Lhéritier
Caroline Le Pape
Marion Robert
Acer Positionning and strategy
Our concept
Campaign Objectives
brand awareness

Win and retain the
target of 16-35 years

Give a
brand image

Promote the
product Iconia A3
and give an
image of comfort
for watching TV and movies.
Tablet Consumer profile (1st Part)
of users are male
A third of users
are between
16 and 34 years
old (
25% for 35-75 years
Tablet Consumer profile (2nd Part)
The target is young and mobile and
of them said that
they always have their tablet with them
because it is
more compact
faster than a mobile phone
of the main use of the tablet it is to inquire

(schedules movies, train)
28% :
Consultation of mails
16% :
Social networks
12% : Watching videos and movies or listening to music
Making Iconia tablet A3 a reference in viewing range is a challenge because it is not the primary use of consumers
1/3 of tablets should be purchased by companies for professional use
are mainly used
at home :
+ 90%
Use in
public transport
that develops
of people are using their tablets
several times per day
Products to meet all types of needs
New distribution strategy with the creation of new tools and marketing investment (support Com, online portal, e-Academy, business corner in the shops, rewards program ...) to facilitate the achievement among distributors
Strengthening partnerships
Strong commitment in education, in order to facilitate understanding between people and technology with the creation of catalogs of products that meet the requirements of education
Volume strategy and vertical integration
Source : http://www.zdnet.fr/actualites/acer-refond-sa-strategie-b2b-produits-hybrides-distribution-revue-et-focus-sur-l-education-39794317.htm
Source - Etude IPSOS 2012 : http://www.prixtel.com/decouvrir-PRIXTEL/actualite/communiques/etude-prixtel-ipsos-usages-forfait-tablette-france/
Source - Etude IPSOS 2012 : http://www.prixtel.com/decouvrir-PRIXTEL/actualite/communiques/etude-prixtel-ipsos-usages-forfait-tablette-france/

"Gare du Nord" in Paris :
Paris, capital-city of France = international, famous,
credibility in marketing.
The station with the largest traffic in France : 500,000 people per day.
So, with this station, we will be able to reach a really huge amount of people who will share our event through social networks such as Instragram, Facebook and Twitter, Youtube.
Maximum visibility of our event
Possibility of advertising impact abroad: Eurostar (London) and Thalys (Brussels)

Event during 3 days
(Wednesday to Friday)
To reach a large target, a huge amount of people and to stay in memories. After the first day, people may come to the station just to see the event because they would have heard about it (by word to mouth).

We have chosen 5 emblematic characters
of five famous series :

 How I met your mother (Barney)
 Game of Thrones (Daenerys)
 The Walking Dead (a zombie)
 Breaking Bad (Heisenberg)
 Dexter (Dexter himself)

Top tv shows in the world, best-known, top of mind. Everybody will know at least one tv show to play during the event. Emblematic characters allow us to identify clearly the show. They are a reflection of ourselves. We identify to them.

1 ring
5 actors and catch players who are doubles of characters, disguised and makeup like characters
5 tablets Iconia A3 around the ring
3. How
Each participant has a tablet and can choose his character
The participant decide when his character arrive on the ring, he can start as soon as possible the battle or wait a little time
A round last until 10 minutes
There are 10 battles per day

The game is based on the same rules than catch but less violent
It has to be a funny entertainment not a bloody competition .
The characters overdo the game to emphasize the fun aspect and their personnality. For example, Barney doesn’t fight with Daenerys but tries to seduce her. He also tries to seduce the zombie, and that creates a fun scene.

The participant who had choose the final winner character can suscribe to a draw
An the final winner of the draw win an adventure travel for 2 person in Peru

Sound of different series credits
inside the train station to stay in the mind of the passengers, future consumers of Acer tablets, to attract them, to astonish them.
Stickers on the floor with catch phrases of the 5 series : they must cause the reader's curiosity

Barney : It’s gonna be legendary.
Dexter : Wanna play?
Heisenberg : Stay out of my territory.
The walking dead : the walkers are coming...
Daenerys : I will take what is mine with fire and blood.

Stickers enable to specify
the way to go to the round.

Source : http://www.gare-du-nord.info/

Each participant has to login on Facebook or with his email adress before playing : it is a key element for Acer because the brand and the event are spread through Facebook immediately thanks to the participant.
The game is filmed and it will be on Youtube so that it can be viral.
A photographer takes pictures of the event and share it immediately on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
After a short movie presenting the event will be shared on social networks and on the web site of Acer (France and Europe) so that the consumers can clearly identify the brand.

1. Context
2. Concept
4. Around the game
5. Viral Marketing
Acer : Explore Beyond limits

Sources : http://www.onlineprinters.fr/Floor-stickers,-DIN-B2,-4-0-color-printing.htm?websale8=diedruckerei.03-aa&pi=LABB240&ci=002510
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