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Teenage Hoboes

Teenage Hoboes in the Great Depression

Alida George

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Teenage Hoboes

So,others went to the country to work for farmers but barely made any money. Since the farmers were hurrt by the Great Depression. Teenage Hoboes in the Great Depression
Presentation by:Alida George & Tyler Kelly In 1929, the United States suffered from the Great Depression. Due to people buying to much products in the 1920's, and the stock market crash. About 250,000 young adults left their home. Some parents couldn't afford to feed their children. So, they had to fend for themselves So, they started jumping boxcars to find jobs,adventure, and maybe romance. A lot of teenagers went to cities hoping to find jobs. But, did not find any. Mission Churches took advantges of teenage hobos by making them listen to sermans, in order to get food or shelter. Then, there was the "CCC", thats when workers would earn thirty dollars and spend five dollars; and give twenty-five to their families. By the end of 1935 there were over 2,650 camps in only 48 states By 1939, their childhood's were over. Fortunaly they found jobs, whether they were in the city or in the country. Also, a lot of hobos went back home to help their families,knowing their boxcar jumping was done with. Also kids stayed in a hobo camp, or better known as a "Jungle" Others wanted the feel of freedom, and adventure. hi
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