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No description

Fredrik Hyttsten

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Ballet

Sarah Sara Fredrik Frank Marie Salle Early Ballet! 16th Century Ballet *Court Ballet 18th century aesthetic Bringing emotion
Ballet Romantic Ballet Chapter 5
Ballet *Student of Francoise Prevost *Known for her dramatic ability *Credited with being the first female choreographer 19th century
*Method of teaching dance shaped much of the teaching of ballet technique. Carlo Blasis *Opened
the Royal Academy
of Dance *Wrote instructional textbooks Classical Ballet *Classical Ballet can be
traced back to the 1800’s
when Marius Petipa began to create Ballets. Classical ballet Large Orchestral pieces of music Characteristics of Classical Ballet Performed on a Proscenium Stage Spectacular Scenery to fill the stage Elaborate Costumes for the dancers Music is “Brought To Life” By the movement The same tutu requires 120 hours of labor. Fun Facts A prima ballerina uses a min. of 200 pairs of pointe shoes a year. A male ballet dancer has double the strength of a pro foot ball player. One tutu costs $2000 to make. Originally choreographed by Wenzel Reisinger in 1877 for the Bolshoi Theatre Marius Petipa 1818-1910 Choreographer of Sleeping Beauty (1890) Also choreographed Swan Lake (1895) alongside Lev Ivanov -They all are dressed alike Dancers The use of the dancers in classical repertory is similar from ballet to ballet. They are divided into three sections. The Principals -Take the Leading Roles The Soloists -Solo and Character roles Corps De Ballet -The remaining members -Stays still for long periods of time -Executes movement at the exact same time -The focus of the dance and move the story line along -Linear movement. -The Female dancer is the center of this performance the Male is there to simply help her with difficult turns and lifts. The Climax Pas De Deux -Step for two -The male and female dancers enter -Perform Adagio ( Slow Duet) -Variation (Solo) The climax He ditched the well-known technique of classical ballet Vaslav Nijinsky L'Apres-midi d'un Faune and Le Sacre du Printemps Used styled movements that were asymmetrical, heavy, and used both turn-in and parallel positions How to become a ballerina in five easy steps
(positions) Ballet Master Says! Blended jazz and Ballet techniques Roland Petit Thought the Paris Opera Ballet was too restrictive Developed Ballet de Paris She danced between the ages of 4 and 13, and for a year prior to filming the movie she trained, hard. FUN FACT! Choreographed a version of swan lake where all the swans are men. Matthew Bourne Questions? Current Artistic director of new adventures Russia Contemporary ballet something new Diaghilev Fokine @ Ballet Russes Early 1900s Wanted Highly skilled (technique/performance) Similarities Contemporary & Classical Use of Music Vocabulary/Movement Both genders represented Storyline vs. no story Differences Cont. Vs Classical Strict format of time, space, energy vs. more free use of it.. Music style No pantomime in cont. More equality Erect spine vs. free movement in torso Natalie Portman did 80% of the dancing for the movie black swan.
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