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Why Prezi? ENG

No really, why?

Robert Turner

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Why Prezi? ENG

What this is all about. Turning Point It's the to ls that make the difference Success ? The search Why should we use Prezi I will try to explain why Prezi is better than PowerPoint. Prezi is not much better than PowerPoint. They can both do the same things, for the same end goal, so why use it?! pictures sounds clips words organization structure Brilliant reasons for using Prezi FOR shapes templates All of which were available in PowerPoint as well

-Organization Conclusion: Prezi And PowerPoint are just tools, they will not make or break a Presentation.
It is all up to you!! All tools are made to ease the work, this is where the power of Prezi lies. Prezi allows you to do more, creative, effective work, with less effort Tools Fast editing, using hierarchy in your information by different sizes and creating clear overviews of information will benefit your presentations.

Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.

Thomas Carlyle - Inserting previous PPT's An account go to www.prezi.com
click sign up now
click student and teachers account
enter email address - click next
enter additional information- click next
go to your email to complete the registration Advanced
Watch tutorial video 2 and 4

Make a Prezi on a upcoming topic for in class use, using the 3 steps described in the video
Choose a fitting template.
Include a video, picture.
Add an extra template to your Prezi.
Add twirling words to your Prezi.
Finish save and publish Beginners:
Watch the tutorial video 1 and 2

Make your first Prezi about your own life.
Use a fitting template to design your prezi.
Include a picture in your Prezi.
Include a video in your Prezi
Change your template
finish, save and publish. Your way of designing Don't just give lists Differ in sizes to show what is underline or mark to give emphasize to words or phrases don't be restricted by your old idea of a presentation - Video embedding - Already made templates - Searching and adding pictures from google - Moving text by dragging - Using clear structure in your presentations - Enlarging with a click and a drag - Adding moving objects *NEW* - creating a path to guide the presenter and audience

- Fading in texts and objects DON'T OVERDO !!! Unless you really want to! Expert
Watch tutorials if not done so yet.

Mindmap your words, in groups, use different sizes for different levels of importance.
Use relevant pictures and video to empower your ideas.
Let your prezi fade in words pictures or video's
Create a good design so you have a usefull overview at the end showing the most important topics. IMPORTANT REALLY REALLY LORENTZ PREZI PPT PRESENTATIONS TOOLS ATTENTION SMOOTH EASE ease experience exchange introduction You now have a Prezi account.
You have made your first Prezi
You have discovered some new functions
You have experienced the ease of Prezi
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