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Teens, Media, and the Idea of Consent

No description

Summer herznit

on 7 January 2017

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Transcript of Teens, Media, and the Idea of Consent

Teens, Media, and the Idea of Consent
Why is this a problem? What other effects can this have?
Because people are being unclear in their vocalizations of consent
Association of aggression and arousal
Mixed messages between what parents and media teach children
Who are we?
Madison East Imagine Club
The club has been active for years
Education, outreach, and activism
Working towards a healthier and more consent positive society
Partnered with the Dane Country Rape Crisis Center.
What is consent?
Blurred Lines
Justin Bieber
Is this consent? In what ways is or isn't this consent?
What will you learn from our presentation?
Define consent and how to practice consent
Understand how the media impacts a teen’s knowledge on consent
Explain the effects from the media
Get a view on how teen’s have learned and are learning consent
How do you know if you and your partner want the same thing?

What is your definition of consent?

Where did you learn this definition?

Did your definition of consent change? If so, what changed about it?
How does the media portray consent?
How do we counteract/replace these messages?
What other forms of education can we provide?
Is this consent? What message does this send?
Blurred lines video here*
Does this interview change the meaning of the video?
Trigger Warning: There is some sensitive content in this presentation. Self care is important, stay safe.
What can you do to ask for consent?
What surprised you? Do you notice this in your media?
Do you have any other examples of where these things can be found?

How does this show consent?
Here are some things we have done:
Film screenings(The Mask We Live In, Killing Us Softly, Miss representation.)
Speaking to classes
Signals of awareness(Teal ribbons, cranes, temporary tattoos.)
Poster campaign(Consent awareness)
Teach media awareness
Questions, comments, or ideas you would like to add?
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