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Disability Sensitivity and Awareness Training

No description

JR Harding

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Disability Sensitivity and Awareness Training

Disability Sensitivity and Awareness Training
Dr. JR Harding
What is a Disability?
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Title I
: Prohibits employers from discriminating against qualified workers with disabilities, and requires reasonable accommodation.
A disability is defined by the ADA as
(1) a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; or
(2) has record of such impairment; or
(3) is regarded as having such an impairment
Florida Disability Demographics
Disability Groups
Raise your hand if you or a loved one is living with a disability
When was the ADA passed?
"Across the world, people with disabilities are your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We are entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, farmers, factory workers, doctors, teachers, shop assistants, bus drivers, artists, and computer technicians..." Source: World Health Report, 2011
Thought-provoking questions for the hospitality industry
Vision Difficulties
Hidden Disabilities
I Spy the Accessibility Issue
Needs a seat and grab bar on back wall
Path of travel
The pipes are exposed
This toilet paper dispenser cannot be reached from the toilet
Path of travel leads directly into pool
Door narrow and there is a lip
Disability Demographics
Sensitivity Training
Accessibility Issues
July 26, 1990
That was 24 years ago!
Title II
: Prohibits state and local governments from discriminating in employment, architectural access, public transit and service delivery.
Title III
: Mandates accessibility when "readily achievable" in public accommodations, including public transportation systems.
Title IV:
Require access to telecommunications systems for people with disabilities.
Title V
: Provides miscellaneous information about how the previous titles are to be applied.
When offering assistance to a person with a disability wait until your offer is accepted and listen to any instructions that they may give
Never make assumptions...
The person with the disability knows the best way to help you help them
Some people may have hidden disabilities (PTSD, seizures, asthma, autism, diabetes, etc.)
Front Desk and Guest Services
Make eye contact
Shake hands if you would shake hands with a person without a disability
Talk directly to the person with a disability, never speak through a caregiver or interpreter
Do you know what % of restaurant seating should be accessible for persons with disabilities?
Bars and Lounges
Lowered counters
Can I sit at this bar?
Reception should be alerted to any special accommodations that a guest may require
Is there sufficient disabled parking spaces?
Are the parking spaces located closest to the entrance?
Are there non-accessible routes?
Where are the accessible bathrooms?
Is the entrance step-free or ramped?
Is there a lift or elevator in a central location if a person with a disability should require access to the higher floors or special locations?
Volunteer Reports
Hyatt Regency Orlando 2014
JR Harding Ed.D.
Did you experience any barriers?
Was there anything that could have made your experience more comfortable?
Mobility, Visual and Hearing
Examples of Best Practices
With advancements in medical care and the emerging boomer population, accessibility will be critical to the hospitality industry in the state of Florida.
Look around you... Everyone is impacted by disabilities in some way
Drinking can affect persons with disabilities more profoundly
TVs should always be captioned
Way-finding signage/property maps
Accessible meeting locations - Family Cafe
Emergency management
More Thought Questions
Leave doors either fully closed or open.
When offering assistance, ask them directly what you need to do, but as a rule, allow the person to take your arm. Guide the person rather than propel them.
When offering a seat, place the person's hand on the back or arm of the chair and then tell them what you have done.
Give the person clear instructions when guiding them. Example: "This is a step up or down..."
Do not leave someone talking to an empty space. Say when the conversation is ending or to move away.
During a group conversation, refer to the person you are talking to by his/her name.
Identify yourself clearly and introduce anyone who may be present, including their relative position to you.

Also describe the layout of the room.
Speak with a guide dog owner if the stiff handle is lying along the dog's back. He/she may need assistance.
When welcoming a blind person to a new room, what should you do?
Service Animals
If someone uses a sign language interpreter, who should you face and speak to?
Should you shout or raise your voice?
How should you get the attention of someone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing?
Why should you keep your hands or food away from your mouth while speaking with someone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing?
Temporary Disabilities
Everyone will experience their own challenges...
Seizure disorders
Brain injury
Psychiatric (PTSD, Bipolar disorder, depression, etc.)
Cystic Fibrosis
You should not ask what type of disability a person has
You can ask what types of tasks is the animal trained to perform
Hotels are allowed to charge for any damage that a service animal may cause
Where are service animals permitted?
Question: What type of animals are considered "service animals"?
Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks that assist persons with disabilities
Service Animals Cont.
Dogs and Mini-Horses
At the Spa...
In the Gym...
At Meetings...
Where are the bathrooms located and are they accessible?
Disability Etiquette
Etiquette for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
At Banquet Halls
Be prepared for any form of accommodation
No requirement to modify equipment
30x48 inch clear floor space
Need room for person in a wheelchair to transfer
Need clear floor space to transfer
Grab bars where needed
Remove a chair or two
Adequate space underneath table
Listening devices
Floor space for turning
Clear floor space is critical for path of travel
Closed captioning and listening devices - 5%
Pick-up and drop-off lanes adequate width
Parking Accommodations
Reception notified
Public transit
Areas are well-lit at night (like parking lots and outdoor areas)
Furniture placement
Adequate and clear signage
Fire alarms placed 80" off of the ground with strobe lights for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
10 Minute Break
Feel free to explore access issues
Adjustable height on massage tables
Ramp, Entryway, and stage access
Elevators or Lifts
5% of available seating on accessible routes and dispersed evenly
Emergency Protocol
Bathroom accessibility
Issues: access to bar, silent auction, line of sight, etc.
Call boxes at accessible heights and functional with closed fist
Essential Take-Aways
Physical Access
Programmatic Access
Communication Access
Attitudinal/Sensitivity - Inclusion
Accessibility is Everywhere!
Does anyone know which of the ADA Titles that impact the hospitality industry?
Title I, III, IV, and V
ADA Jeopardy
What percentage of rooms should be accessible?
What are the two type of accessible guest rooms?
Who is JR Harding Ed.D?
2x spinal cord injury survivor
7x Gubernatorial Appointee
2x US Presidential Appointee
Author and Disability Advocate
Offer assistance as directed by the person with the disability: they know how to help you help them
Ask a person with a disability of their comfort level when transferring, feeling, or pain: each person has a different level of feeling depending upon the disability
Do not be afraid to touch or interact with a person with a disability (we aren't made of glass)
**Only remove adaptive/mobility equipment from a person with a disability with their consent
Bell Service
All Abilities
: Should be experts on all accessibility features on property (entrances, routes, restrooms, and TTY). Be aware of all the local community facilities that are accessible: amusement parks, attractions, restaurants, theaters, etc. Also transportation choices and cab fares for points of interest
If there is no lowered counter, walk around to greet a person in a wheelchair
Offer assistance (if no service animal) by verbally communicating that you are providing your arm to guide them. Walk slightly in front of the person. Familiarize guest with hotel room layout
ask if furniture needs to be rearranged, confirm that they have the correct bathing facility, and check height of shower handle
Without an interpreter, allow them to use written communication or texting on their phone. Be patient and don't rush them
Do not shout, people with vision difficulties have a fantastic sense of hearing. How may I be of assistance?
If they do have an interpreter, talk to them and not through the interpreter. Offer a pen and paper if they do not have an interpreter. Texting also works well for written communication.
Sensitivity Training and Disability Etiquette
closed captioning on TV and visual fire alarms and doorbell
: accessible room with either a roll-in shower or a bathtub.
: Braille text for amenities, pillow shaker, etc.
Offer accommodations that meet the appropriate needs of the customer with a disability
Use appropriate language and avoid derogatory terms
Avoid responding with fear or anxiety as this is a sign of discomfort that people with disabilities can easily detect
People with disabilities want to be treated with the same respect and dignity as people without disabilities
When interacting with people with disabilities, be kind, respectful, patient and relaxed
Volunteer and Husband
: Offer menus with Braille, path of travel, assistance at buffet, guide them to counter and give verbal description of buffet choices
: path of travel, offer assistance at buffet
: communicate using pen and paper if there is no interpreter, be patient
Monetary transaction simulation
Reservation Game
57 Million Nationwide!
1 in 5 people will have a disability over their lifetime
The Two Types of Accessible Guest Rooms
Mobility Features
: roll-in showers and grab bars, lower counters and closet bars
Communication Features
(for Deaf and Hard of Hearing): visual notification devices, telephone amplifiers, and TDDs (Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf)
Mobility and Communication
What is your perspective?
What do these people have in common?
Derrick Coleman
Jim Abbott
Tom Cruise
Michael J. Fox
Stevie Wonder
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Christopher Reeves
Restroom location
Emergency protocol
Adjustable Podium/Microphones
$1, $5, $10
Meeting handouts: should be provided in advance or described in detail orally.
Hotels cannot charge extra for a customer with a service animal
The person who is hard-of-hearing
Tap them on the shoulder
Facial expressions and gestures
Front Desk
Whoopie Goldberg
Advocate, Author and Speaker
3% - mobility
5% - communication
Bethany Hamilton
Lauren Potter
Distributed throughout price range and features
Seating preference: table, booth, view
Special Diets
Every department has a role to play!
What are some examples of major life activities?
What are some examples of impairments?
Walking, seeing, breathing, hearing, caring for oneself
hearing loss, limited eyesight, loss of a limb, or illness
Be aware of any guests with disabilities, they may need assistance
Door handle needs to be lever
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