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The evolution of football helmets

No description

Wyatt Westbrook

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of The evolution of football helmets

The first football helmet.
The first football helmet was created in 1893. It wasn't much of a helmet other than just a leather strap. This helmet did not protect much because there was no padding so a lot of people got hurt.
The third football helmet.
This helmet actually improved a lot from being just leather to actually becoming a real football helmet. This is when the football helmets really started to get better.
The helmets we have today.
We are gonna skip some improvements and go to the helmets we have today. They are really good helmets and they are proventing head injury but yo can't ever make it to where there is no chance of a head injury.
The second football helmet.
The second football helmet did not get much better. All it really is, a helmet with a little more padding than the first helmet. This helmet still caused a lot of head injuries.
By wyatt westbrook and luke boyd
The evolution of football Helmets.
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