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Cross-docking and TMS

Best practices on how to improve a CD platform.

Damien Santo

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Cross-docking and TMS

1. Get the big picture 2. Focus in on details... ...and propose solutions 3. Implement 4. Obstacles 5. Stay on the move Finance-focused expectations
choices conditioned
curb for innovation

Lack of openness

Frozen in habits (frog experiment) Damien SANTONASTASO THE KEY SUCCESS FACTORS TO CROSS-DOCKING:
A case study on TMS
Yves Crama

Yasemin ARDA
Sabine LIMBOURG Academic year 2009/2010 For a Master Degree in Management Colis Software: a common basis with Minequip

Random use of the reexamined list of suppliers

Stock sale draft webpages

Map of the warehouse (ISO 9001) Resale operations - WebPages TMS Alleur in the spare parts industry Worldwide Presence Present in 4 continents
50 % T-O in Africa High Quality
Products & Service Competitive Prices One-stop shop Thousands of references
More than 50 brands
Brand awareness
Cross-docking Accelerated products flows
Shortened periods
from suppliers to customers
Cost & Space saving

(Cross-docking . X) + TMS - Y = Success 1. Absorb scientific literature

2. Identify "X" as Key Success Factors to Cross-docking

3. Absorb TMS' way of working

4. Use theory as a reference point

5. Propose solutions

6. Fall back and identify "Y" as obstacles on success

Cross-docking consists in eliminating picking and storage, which are the most expensive operations as regards warehousing, while allowing a warehouse to run the different processes of receipt and shipping. Briefly, the main idea of cross-docking is to transfer shipments directly from a point of receipt to a point of shipping without intermediate storage. But how is it possible to control and improve it? SOLUTIONS SUGGESTION
Once the analysis is accomplished, it is essential not to confine oneself to a simple establishment of some basic principles, not adapted to the company, for getting things back on an even keel. Thus, flexible solutions will be examined, tested and implemented if successful.
A. Products B. Suppliers C. Operations D. Warehouse E. Information system F. Transport
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