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Copy of New Codington City Council's project

No description

Bhushan Gunjal

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of New Codington City Council's project

The NCCC is holding a festival to celebrate the union of North Town and South Town into New Codington, and is opening all of the city’s great attractions to the public. The NCCC has requested that Accenture produce a web-based search tool able to find and register visitors for tourist attractions and festival events. The tool should be easy to use and needs to produce a list of matches to a user’s custom search
How we worked it out !
New Codington City Council's project
Festival Event Registration System
The NCCC has requested for a web-based search tool able to find and register visitors for
tourist attractions and festival events.
Visitor Login Page.

New User Registration Page.

Update Visitor Information Page.

Register for Events.

Unregister for registered events.

Change Password.
Requirements and Description
Login page
Update information
Change Password
Register for event
Change requests and implementation
1. Admin portal for addition/ updation / deletion of events
2. User can search for the events.
3. User can sort events by "NAME".
4. Events have different session.

R2 has “Search Event” option which is not present in R1.

R2 has Sort capability to allow a list of events to be sorted by any column in the table in ascending or descending order.

R2 provides a login screen for the administration and a screen to allow the ability to add, update, and delete and event from the database.

R2 provides the capability on the login page to change the language the site will displayed in.

R2 allows users to be able to register for a particular session for an event.

Festival Portal R1 vs Festival Portal R2
Project overview
Register Event
User Registration
Unregister event
Update visitor details
Login user
Sequence Diagrams
Advantages of MVC design Pattern
Separating Controller from View (application behavior from presentation)
- permits run-time selection of appropriate
Views based on workflow, user preferences,
or Model state.
Separating Controller from Model (application behavior from data representation)
- allows configurable mapping of user actions
on the Controller to application functions on
the Model.

MVC Design Pattern

Design Pattern used

Model encapsulates the core data and functionality
View encapsulates the presentation of the data there can be many views of the common data
Controller accepts input from the user and makes request from the model for the data to produce a new view.

Sequence Diagrams
Design Pattern
Physical Data Model
Physical data model
Use Case Diagram
Use Case Diagram 2
Abhishek Mali
Gunjal Bhushan
Himanshu Gupta
Nidhi Kashyap
Amit Kumar Pandey
V model
control goes to
All requests from
pattern automatically will be mapped to Dispatcher Servlet
Dispatcher Servlet then looks for xml configuration file
Dispatcher servlet
then scans the base package to look for the specific controller.
maps the request to appropriate handler which in turn processes the request and returns the instance of
dispatcher servlet

contains the data and the logical view name
Logical view names becomes view objects and
InternalResourceViewResolver resolves a logical view name.
View page is then displayed to the user.
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