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Biomes of the World

biome that I would like to live in and one that I dont.

hannah black

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Biomes of the World

The biome that i would like to live in is grasslands. I would like to live here because i like the weather and amount of rain. Grasslands In grasslands the temperature is as hot as 30 degrees Celsius. Because i like warm weather this is good. My favorite things to do are in warm weather, so having warm weather is a big plus. Temperature In grasslands there is about 8-40 inches of precipitation per year. I like some rain, but not a whole lot. So, anywhere between 8 and 40 inches is okay with me. This is another reason I like the grasslands. Precipitation A plant that grows in grasslands are sunflowers. Sunflowers are one of my favorite. Not to mention the seeds taste pretty good. An animal that lives here is zebras. Zebras are my favorite animals. So seeing zebras a lot is not bad. Plants and Animals A place that i would not like to live is Taiga. I would not like to live here because it is very cold. The plants and animals that are there, I am not too fond of either. Taiga In Taiga it's very cold. With temperatures at -40 to -56 degrees Celsius. That is way too cold for me. It rains 12-24 inches per year. This is not too bad, but the temperature is way too cold for me. Temperature and Precipitation A plant that grows here is moss. Moss is nasty and I do not like it. An animal that lives here is muskrats, which is about my least favorite animal. Plants and Animals
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