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Copy of MEXICO

No description

Lyndsey Wood

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of MEXICO


Cinco de Mayo

Grade One

1. Interactive Jigsaw Mexican Flag Puzzle
While assembling jigsaw puzzle through a computer-
based program, class will be able to identify symbol on
and colors of the Mexican Flag.

2. Sombreros, Hats Around The World Role Play

3. General Ignacio Zaragoza Timeline Decode
Through arranging dated fact sheets students
will construct personal timeline of famous
Cinco de Mayo General Zaragoza.

4. Media Center Brief on Cinco de Mayo
Students will be able to define and verbalize history of
Cinco de Mayo after listening and viewing a media

5. Puebla Picture Matching Game
By pairing visual picture cards to correct description
cards students will classify landmarks of the
historic battle town.

Brittany Auricchio
Jeanette Portillo
Kelly Treanor
Lyndsey Wood
Web By...
Hats Around the World
Role Play
Students will be able to gather cultural viewpoints by discussing the roles traditional hats played in a variety of countries.

Standard: 6.1.4.D.20
Describe why it is important to understand the perspectives of other cultures in an interconnected world.

Hats Around the World
Role Play
Hats Around the World
Role Play
Teacher will engage class by starting activity wearing a Mexican Sombrero. A teacher lead class discussion will follow. Prompts and questions will be asked, student responses will be encouraged and discussed as to the characteristics of the hat and its historical purpose in Mexican society. Teacher will then introduce and incorporate into discussion historical hats from other countries such as the American Cowboy hat, the Non La Vietnamese hat, the Scotland Deerstalker.
During guided practice, students will have the opportunity to wear hats and role play with each other. Students will be tasked to find both similarities and differences in the different countries traditional headdresses and communicate the cultural views associated with these findings. For example, Mexican sombreros and Vietnamese non las are both commonly made of straw and used for protection from the sun. However, due to the Vietnamese climate, the non las are much lighter as the absorbent hats also serve for protection against the rain during rainy seasons. Mexican brims are much wider due to country’s desert like climate. Sombreros are incorporated into Mexican holiday celebrations and felt versions are worn by Mariachi Bands while Scotland Deerstalkers where strictly worn for sporting and hunting purposes.
Upon role plays completions, class will reassemble to one large group, recap cultural findings and discuss details as to why it is important to learn about other's viewpoints in our world to close out activity.
Examples of hats students will have access to during Role Play Sessions
Non La
Mexican Sombrero
Scottish Deerstalker
1. Make Your Own Tacos-
Students will be able to use Play-doh, construction paper, paper plates, felt, and crayons to create their own tacos.

2. Mexican Flowers and Sombreros- Students will be given tissue paper, construction paper, and pipe cleaners to make flowers to wear in their hair. Students will be be given construction paper, paper plates and cups, pom poms, and yarn to create a sombrero.
3. Create a Pinata!
4. Mexican Folk Sun Art- Students will be given colored macaroni, paper plates, construction paper, foil and sharpies to create sun images to decorate the classroom for the Cinco de Maya holiday.
5. Watercolor Cactus Picture - Students will be given construction paper, watercolor paint, toothpicks, and tissue paper to create images of a cactus.
Create A Pinata!
Students will be able to create a pinata to celebrate Cinco de Mayo using a variety of materials.

Students will be able to identify symbols of a Mexican fiesta.

1.2.2.A.1- Identify characteristics of theme based works of dance, music, theater, and visual arts, such as artworks based on the themes of family, and community, from various historical periods and world cultures

1.3.2.D.1- Create two and three dimensional works of art using the basic elements of color, line, shape, form, texture, and space as well as a variety of art mediums and application methods

Create A Pinata!
The teacher will show students different pinatas and explain they are used during celebrations. The teacher will also explain that pinatas are decorated and filled with candy and/or toys, then broken during the celebration. The teacher will provide the students with a variety of materials such as a paper bag, newspaper, tissue paper, construction paper, string, markers, scissors, and glue. Students will be instructed to create their own pinata to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Create A Pinata!

Examples of student-made pinatas:
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