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King Arthur's Dream of Sir Gawain

Rachel Ramsey and Delaney Bryan

delaney bryan

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of King Arthur's Dream of Sir Gawain

Arthur's Dream of Sir Gawain
Once upon a time, King Arthur was sleeping the night before a battle was supposed to go down. He dreamed that his dead nephew, a trusted Knight of the Round Table, Sir Gawain, appeared to him in a dream. He was standing before Arthur surrounded by a very large number of lovely ladies.
Arthur was shocked! He asked who the ladies were and why they were there. Sir Gawain said that the women were the ladies he fought for when he was still alive and battled for their honor. He then warned Arthur not to fight in the battle the next day, because if he did he would die. Gawain told Arthur to wait a month for Lancelot to come and kill Mordred. Then Gawain and all his ladies disappeared.
When Arthur woke up, he told all of his knights to make a treaty with Mordred for a month until Lancelot would come and kill Mordred.
To Be
Delaney Bryan
Rachel Ramsey
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