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Early Life by morgan

No description

mckenna mckay

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Early Life by morgan



Deborah Sampson
Major Accomplishments
She fought in the Revolutionary War. And was taught many skills from the war. She also gave lectures about the war to students all around New England and New York.
Early Life
Family Life
Deborah's family was poor. When Deborah’s father did not come back from a sea voyage, her mother, not able to care for her seven children, put them in many different houses.
3 Interesting Facts
When she was little she and her family were keept as indentured servants. She was discovered being a girl when she was injured.
Deborah was born on December 1, 1760 in Plymton, Massachusetts. Her father abandoned her and her family when she was little to go out to sea.

Deborah was very brave and willing to fight for her country as a girl disguised as a boy. Finally she decided to join the army when she was 21 years old.
Join The Army?
Slowly the idea of joining the army dressed as a man was a good thought. She finally did in the spring of 1781. In May she arrived at the fort at West Point, New York. Where she worked with Captain George.
How Old Would She Be Now?
Deborah Sampson was 66 years old when she died. Today she would be 253 years old and she also lived 187 years ago.
Her Life When She Was Little
Deborah, at age 10, was planed to marry Deacon Benjamin Thomas, a farmer in Middleborough.
Works Cited
Keiter ,Jane. Deborah Sampson. Best Of The Historian. Winter 2000. Vol 76, No. 1
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