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Funny Boy

Shyam Salvadurai paints an amazing picture of Arjie's dilemma.

Abdilatif Sheik-Qasim

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Funny Boy

Funny Boy
By: Shyam Salvadurai
Abdilatif Sheik-Qasim
My Topic
Young Arjie and Amma's Relationship
Brief overview of The Sri Lankan Civil War.
Permission to enter Amma's bedroom.
Quest for acceptance, peace and love.
My Thesis
It is not change and difference Amma fears, but how society will perceive it. This fear severs her relationship with Arjie, and makes it difficult for bonding.
Passage #1
"Of the three of us, I alone was allowed to enter Amma's bedroom and watch her get dressed for special occasions. It was an experience I considered almost religious, for, even though I adored the goddesses of the local cinema, Amma was the final statement in female beauty for me" (15).
Before the Incident
After the Incident
"One day, about a week after the incident at my grandparents', I positioned myself outside my parents' bedroom door...I knocked timidly on the door. She did not answer, but I could hear her moving around inside. I knocked a little louder and called out 'Amma' through the keyhole. Still no response, and I was about to call her name again when she replied gruffly, ' Go away. Can't you see I am busy?'" (16).
Passage #2
"'Why do I have to play with the boys?' 'Why?' Amma said. 'Because the sky is so high and pigs can't fly, that's why."... I flung myself on the bed with a wail of anguish. I waited for her to come to me as she always did when I cried, waited for her to take me in her arms, rest my head against her breasts, and say in her special voice, 'What's this, now? Who's the little man who's crying?' But she didn't heed my weeping any more than she had heeded my cries when I knocked on her door" (19).
Passage #3
Sinhalese VS Tamil
The Tamil Tigers
"For how could loving Shehan be bad? Yet if my parents or anybody else discovered this love, I would be in terrible trouble." (274).
Passage # 4
Proves Thesis.
Amma is afraid of what society (ie. Neighbours, Relatives) would think about Arjie.
Amma is more concerned about what other people think.
Her husband is the same. Hence the reason why Arjie is sent to All Boys Academy.
Wanted to straighten him out.
Doesn't want to be feel shameful of harboring a funny boy.
The ridicule that comes may along with it.
Did You Know?
The Sri Lankan Civil War was not some kind of game, there is an estimated of 80,000-100,000 casualties. 27,639 of these deaths being Tamil Fighters and 21,066 Sri Lankan soldiers, 1000 Sri Lankan police, 1500 Indian soldiers, and tens of thousands of civilians.
"Later, Amma came out of her room and called Anula to give her instructions for the evening. As I listened to the sound of her voice, I realized that something had changed forever between us" (17).
Passage #5
Arjie realized that something has drastically changed in his Mother.
His relationship with his Mother was not like before.
She used to acknowledge him
She used to comfort him.
For the first few days she doesn't acknowledge him, she ignores him, or dismisses his greetings.
It seems as if she is somehow embarrassed that her families knows of this, and doesn't want to have to do anything with Arjie.
Passage #6
Quest for, Acceptance, Love.
"I was falling asleep when I heard Daryl Uncle's voice. Presently he appeared in the doorway of my room. I opened my eyes and tried to smile at him. He came in softly, his hands behind his back. 'I have something for you,' he said, and laid the books on the blanket. I cried out in delight, and one by one I picked up Good Wives, Little Men, and Jo's Boys. I wanted to reach out and hug him, but, feeling that this was inappropriate, I thanked him instead." (112).
One of the first times someone accepted Arjie.
Arjie requested for those books, but was declined due to the romance.
Daryl Uncle bought those books without questioning his interest.
Once of the most accepting people Arjie encounters.
Hence the reason Arjie mourned Daryl's death.
1. How would you feel if you weren't accepted and didn't fit in anywhere?

2. How do you think Arjie felt when he was rejected by his parents, and sent to a harsh Academy.

3. Would you tell your parents if you were beaten at school by your teacher or principal in your country?
I Hope you
My Presentation!
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