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The Maze Runner

No description

Julia Nelsen

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
Positive Parts
I thought a good part was when Thomas jumped into the maze when the doors were closing to try and save Alby and Minho. He did save them. They were the first 3 people to ever spend the night in the maze and survive.
Negetive Parts
A negative part of this book is when Ben attacked Thomas so he was sentenced to a banishment. That means to be forced into the maze right before the walls closed and be trapped out there during the night to be eaten by the Grievers.
The main conflict of the story is that many teenagers are trapped in the Glade and the maze. Every night the walls of the Glade close shut to keep the teens safe and away from the Grievers. But what if they didn't close? The teens are forced to find a way out or have their lives taken from the hungry Grievers.
By James Dashner
Book Rating
I give the book,"The Maze Runner," a 9/10 because I thought it was very interesting and there weren't a lot of boring parts.
The conflict was resolved when Thomas and Minho found a way out of the maze. The "Griever Hole." But, even though they found a way out, they still don't have their memories. The teens struggle to find who they were before they we're sent into that deathtrap.
Another positive thing about this book is the plot. Even though it's similar to The Hunger Games, I like how they need to live together and every person has a job in the Glade. Also, I like how their memories were wiped and when they get out, you get to see how their friends and families act about the situation.
Internal Conflict
External Conflict
Another negative part of this book is when Alby got stung and he had to go through the changing. The changing is when you get stung by a Griever so you need medicine to keep you alive and it's really painful.
I think the mood of this story for Thomas at the beginning was confusing and curious. Then at the end of the story he was hopeful and anxious. I think the overall mood was suspenseful.
A direct characterization in this book is when Minho told Alby that there was a dead Griever in the maze but it turned out it wasn't dead and stung Alby. This shows that Minho should make sure of things before he tells someone else.
An indirect characterization in this story is when Thomas had to choose to either follow the Glade law and not go into the maze to save Alby and Minho or break the law and help them. He broke the rule and helped them so this shows that he cares and he's going to help whoever he can.
Direct Characterization
Thomas is a guy and he's strong.
Indirect Characterization
Direct Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Direct Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Direct Characterization
He was the last boy to arrive at the Glade. He's brave.
Teressa is a girl and she has dark hair and blue eyes.
She's confident and independent.
Newt is a boy and he
Alby is a boy and he's fearless.
He's the leader and he needs to know everything that's going on in the the Glade.
Minho is a guy and he is friendly and outgoing.
He's the Keeper of the Runners.
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