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Virtual Vikings

No description

Ellen Bratowicz

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Virtual Vikings

Jonathan Torres
Virtual Vikings
Work Independently
Study courses they want to learn about
Work with students in different states & countries
Get together for breakfast

Beth Kowalczyk
Anna Doherty
TJ Churuti
Practical Law
- Cyber Mock Trial
- Debate
- Civil laws

In this class, we learned practical math skills that can be applied to everyday life, as well as the business world. We reviewed concepts such as decimals and fractions. We also learned more difficult skills like investing in the stock market, balancing a checkbook, and determining profit.
What Made me choose Meteorology!
When Hurricane Sandy hit the area, I watched the news, specifically the weather, all the time and I loved it and knew that's what I wanted to study and taking VHS helped me get there.
I took this class because I am planning on majoring in Business in college. Accounting would not fit into my schedule, so I chose to take this class instead.
Different websites I used often to check the weather and look at the maps:
Different weather phenomenons we discussed and learned about!
Snow Storms
I really enjoyed taking this class because the weather does interest me a lot and I do one day aspire to be a Broadcasting Meteorologist on ABC and VHS helped me start my path to get there!
Julian Cunha
Kyle Connolly
Period 5
What I've learned in this class is conversational skills all the way to the culture of Japan. For example, こんにちわ is how to say hello in Japanese. I've also learned how to have conversations such as "なんじですか?" I ask, the man replies "にじです". I then reply "ありがとうございます!". This conversation is asking "What time is it?" which the man replies "It is 2 O'clock". I then reply "Thank you very much!". Simple conversations like this can easily be mastered in this class as well as learning how to read and write in Japanese.
Why I chose this class:

I chose Japanese because this is one of the classes I've wanted for a long time. I've always loved the sound of the language and their completely different culture. I think it is great to be able to learn about such an exotic country and its language. This class will help me in the future as I plan to travel to Japan and possibly live there for some time. I think this is an important first step to moving to Japan for any allotted time. In the spring semester we will be learning the harder "alphabet" known as 漢字 (Kanji) which is very similar to Chinese but they dont have the same meaning. I really can't wait to study it as it is one of the most important things to fully learn Japanese. It has roughly 50,000 individual characters (letters) and is very difficult to learn. I can't wait to dive into that!
Important Links:
Google Translate. Although not great with translating sentences, it can sometimes be great for translating individual words.

Connexus. This is the site I use to complete my work in my class rather than VHS. I also get links from わたしのせんせい(my teacher) of things such as vocabulary lists, Japanese history, and things telling me about Japanese culture.

About.com - This site has great references and even some culture aspects to learn more or if you need a refresher
Mike Sokolson
Period: 3
Employment Skills for the 21st century

Why I Chose This Class

I chose this class
because I wanted
to get a better understanding
on how to successfully
obtain a job. I wanted to
learn all the fundamentals
on how to get a job and
I learned a lot of information
throughout the course. I also
wanted to get a job that involves
business so taking this course
will help me in the future.
Three Websites That I Used

1. About.com
2. Monster.com
3. careerbulding.com

What I Learned and How It Will Help Me In The Future

I learned a lot throughout this course. I learned the proper apparel you should wear for an interview, how you should act during an interview, and how to answer simple questions during an interview. I also learned how to apply for a job and how to write a resume. These are helpful skills that I can also use for other occasions such as getting interviewed for a college.

Tyler Maramba
The course i took for my class was forensic science. I learned a lot through out the course. For example the three most common type of fingerprint that everyone has is: Arch, Loop, or whorl. I also learned about blood, bullets, tools, drugs and skulls. The reason why i took this course is because i want to major in criminal justice and i thought this is a good way to start.
Class: Engineering
Why I took the Class
Max Trias

German Language and Culture

The reason why I chose is class is because I am interested in Germany. I am curious about their way of life and wanted to learn more. I found a lot of interesting information during my time with the online class. I was given a book's worth of information by the end of the semester. Germany makes a great place to travel with places as the Bavarian Alps, going to Oktoberfest, and driving on the Autobahn. It is a great place to live in as well, with excellent living conditions and benefits. I have learned many positives about Germany and I will one day go and visit Germany.

I took the class because I want to bean engineer when I'm older. I wanted to see early on what kind of work I could expect to do s an engineer. My family has many engineers and as a young boy I loved making Gundams, building lego sets and designing houses.
What I did in the Class
I calculated stress equations.
Designed a farm house.
Tested the properties of materials.
Did research on topics related to engineering.
Did projects that required me to build structures such as a bridge.
A quick game you can play at home about fingerprints is
Who kidnapped Proton ?

During my time as a VHS student, I have learned many new things about the world of sports. I learned about how steroid use really altered the world of sports during the time it was most popular. Also, I learned how athletes everywhere could be role models to people everywhere and they must always stay "perfect”. Although many of the other things I learned in this online class were important, I believe these two subjects were the most significant. After learning about these problems in sports, I have come to realize that sports influence many things in this world.
I took a virtual class because I wanted to challenge myself and try something new. I also wanted to see how it felt to take an online class to prepare myself for college.
My expectations were that it would be very difficult for me at first, but then get easier as I get used to the system. After a few weeks of working on this class, it became relatively easy for me to get things done.
I took Business math, and to be honest I thought it was going to be harder than I thought. I decided to take a virtual high school course because I think it will prepare me for future college classes. It wasn't so bad, I actually like working independently on the computer.
One important thing I learned was how to use the excel program. This course helped me improve my excel skills.

Websites Most Used:
What made me take practical law?
Ive always wanted to be a police officer and I know that having this background of the law will help me in my future class when I take a major in Criminology or Criminal Justice and also help me in the future on the job.
I took this class because I love the Russian Language. I love the Russian accent when they speak English. I plan on learning five languages fluently so I decided to start with this one. I learned a lot of useful information about the Russian culture and how they travel. I saw some great places to visit and things to do, such as visiting Sochi. It is beautiful there. I also learned things like how long you are able to stay and how to not look like a tourist. It's best to blend in when visiting the country and don't assume everyone speaks English. One very hazardous part about Russia is that the roads are terrible. They are very dangerous to go on because they are destroyed, and most people don't drive there. They usually take subway or a bus. An important thing to learn if ever visiting Russia is that pedestrians do not have the right away.
Psychology Honors

This class was probably one of the best classes I have taken. I always like Psychology and wanted to learn why we think the way we do. I learned a lot in this course from neurons to behavioral issues in a persons childhood to memories and perceptions. I also learned about different phobias and mental disorders. After taking this class I know now that I would love to take Psychology in college. My favorite part was that we had to do an end of the year experiment where we got to test a question. Some questions other students gave were does listening to music affect a person's mood. Does the color of the drink affect what you think it will taste like. That one was especially interesting because studies show that people prefer orange cream oreos over the regular one when they were the same cookie. I can say know Psychology is my favorite subject.
Jakira Jimenez

Websites that I used
Russian Language
Mike Peral
Mike Peral
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