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Trigonometric Ratios Project

No description

Daniella Gutierrez

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Trigonometric Ratios Project

School Marquee "Green Acres" Cafeteria Door Calculations: Trigonometric Ratios distance to marquee= 118in.
angle of elevation= 70 degrees tan<x = opposite/adjacent
tan70/1 = x/118
Cross multiply - TAN70
1 = X
118 X= 118(TAN70) X= 324.20IN. 12 X=27.01 FT. Basketball Hoop Backboard tangent<x= opposite/ adjacent Calculations:

tan<x = opposite/adjacent
tan20/1 = x/90
Cross Multiply - TAN20
1 x
90 = = x= 90(TAN20)

+ 59in.
91.8in. x= 91
12 x= 7.7ft. tan<x = opposite/adjacent
tan25/1 = x/177 Cross multiply - TAN25 x
1 177 x= 177(TAN25)


x= 142.03

x= 11.8ft. Calculations: in. distance to door= 90in.
Angle of elevation= 20 degrees distance to backboard= 177in.
Angle of elevation= 25 degrees + 4.6
31.61 ft.
ft. height from ground to Tayler's eyes - - height from ground to Destiniy's eyes - height from ground to Daniella's eyes Manor High School is having a big pep-ralley for the closing of the school year. They want to decorate the gym where the pep-rally will be held, but they need to know the height of the baskball hoop backboad. They choose Daniella, Destiniy, and Taylor to find and calculate the height for them. Using the clinometer, they came up with these calculations... hypotenuse opposite adjacent Clinometer Manor High School's marquee at the front of the school got damaged in a recent storm and needs to be repaired ASAP. The most damage was done on the inside of the marquee and must be opened up from the top. But before they do that, they need to know the height of the marguee so they can know what size ladder they will need. They choose Destiniy, Taylor, and Daniella to find out these calculations for them. And here is what they came up with... hypotenuse opposite adgacent Manor High School wants to replace the "Green Acres" sign in the cafeteria to something more catchy so it can attract more students to that lunch line. They want to know how far fron the ground the sign is so they wont put the new sign any higher or any lower than the current one. They choose Tayler, Daniella, and Destiniy to find this out for them. And this is what they came up with.. hypotnuse opposite adjacent
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