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A prezi on how nuclear fallout occurs

mike gousvaris

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Fallout

Nuclear fallout The theory Fallout is the radiation leftover from the initial blast of the nuclear bomb. it is also based off the hot particles within the dust leftover as well These effects wildly affect the food chain in which when a
single animal is infected with a form of radiation poisoning
and gets injested by a larger animal the poisoning grows
larger and so on and so on throughout the whole entire food chain warfare nuclear warfare is not only used to bomb
and destroy it is also used to threaten, nuclear warfare is divided into
two sections.... The first of the two types is limited which is
attack or exchange. or a small scale use of nuclear weapons. this would consist of two nuclear powers targeting each others military facilities, to cripple the enemy's ability to attack as a prelude to an invasion by conventional forces. The second, a full-scale nuclear war, use of weapons used in an attack aimed at an country, no matter the targets. an attack would seek to destroy the economic, social, and military infrastructure of a nation

Shelter A radiation shelter consists of shields reducing gamma ray exposure by 1000. required shielding can be accomplished with material capable of cutting gamma ray effects in half. some metals that get rid of gamma rays include 1 cm of lead, 6 cm of concrete, 9 cm of packed dirt or 150 m of air. build more layers and the shielding multiplies. a practical fallout shield is ten halving-thicknesses of packed dirt .
By : Mike Gousvaris testing The bomb showed in this video is the
tsar bomba a 50 megaton monster the
biggest and most powerful nuclear bomb
ever made is being tested
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