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Lauren K

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Hungary

By Lauren Katona

Hungary's Geography
Hungary has many rivers, lakes and some mountain rages. In areas by rivers and lakes the soil is fertile. Hungary's climate consists of cold, cloudy humid winters and warm summers.
Founding Hungary
My Family
My family came to the United States of America from Hungary in 1910 which was 103 years ago. My family comes from three different nationalities hungarian, english, and welsh.
In 1541 Hungary was divided into three parts the Turks ruled central Hungary, the Habsburg dynasty governed west Hungary, and the Hungarians ruled south Hungary. Currently in Hungary there is a democratic government. Some religions practiced in Hungary are Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and various denominations of Christianity.
After the Hungarians took over the Roman Empire and the Roman Danube, it had become a country.
Hungary was founded in 895 by 400,000 freshly unified hungarians that were divided into 7 groups.
Natural Disasters
Currently Hungary has had 13 floods, 3 droughts, 4 extremely high temperature days, and 5 storms.

Economy in Hungary
The highest standard of V.A.T (value added tax)
Budapest stock market plunged 22% since May 5th

Problems Hungary is Facing
Polluted rivers
Acid rain
Polluted air
sulfur dioxide
Hazardous waste
Radioactive Waste
Polluted rivers/air- limit what chemicals are being but in the rivers and air.
Acid rain- limit the chemicals being put in the air.
Sulfur Dioxide- limit burning coal
Hazardous waste- don't put chemicals in the ground
Radioactive waste- Don't throw away radiation such as medicine and wireless technology.
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