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The Fault in Our Stars

No description

Gigi DeVine

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars

Exposition: Climax: The Fault in Our Stars Prezi created by Gigi DeVine After what had seemed like eternity, Hazel and Augustus finally become an official item, and are truly in love. When Augustus' funeral is held back in Indiana, many people show their condolences to Augustus because he was such a great person. Peter Van Houten heard the news and came to the funeral to apologize for his behavior in Amsterdam. Hazel then receives an email with Augustus' last letter to Van Houten attached to it. After exchanging emails for a few weeks, Peter Van Houten invites Hazel and Augustus to Amsterdam in Sweden, to talk about the book, An Imperial Affliction. When Hazel introduces her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, to Augustus, they become the author, Peter Van Houtens', biggest fans. Eventually, Hazel and Augustus decide to email Peter Van Houten to tie up some loose ends in the book, An Imperial Affliction. In the beginning of the book, 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, the main character, attends a cancer support group that her mom makes her go to every week, where she meets a very attractive and clever, Augustus Waters. Main characters: The main characters in this book are 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, and 17 year old Augustus Waters.
Setting: The story takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2009.
Conflict: The problem throughout the whole story is that Hazel ,the main character, has cancer. Resolution Written by John Green Rising Actions After a few weeks Hazel and Augustus really get to know each other and they slowly become more than just friends. When Hazel and Augustus go to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, they discover their true feelings for each other after a fine date, generously paid for by Van Houten. Augustus and Hazel are soon shocked when meeting Peter Van Houten is a disappointment, only to find that he is a washed up, old drunk, who has lost all hope in his writing and life other than alcohol. More bad news seems to come when Augustus gets sick because his cancer starts spreading from his leg and more throughout his body. After after a few months of pain and sickness at home, Augustus passes away leaving Hazel without a lover, and a missing piece of her heart. Hazel reads Augustus' letter with the feeling of happiness and sorrow. Her lover was gone but she knew that she would still live on as time passed. The letter filled her with hope and the reminder of a short life well lived. That there would always be that piece of her heart missing. But she lived on.
The End Falling Actions I know that Hazel and Augustus are 16 and 17 on pg. 11. I also know that it was in The present because Hazel and her mom watched G-Force the movie. I know that Hazel has cancer on pg.3
I know that she lives in Indiana on pg.42 Citations I knew that Augustus died when I read pg. 261 I knew that Hazel was reading the letter from pg. 309-313 I knew that Peter Van Houten invited Augustus an Hazel to Amsterdam on pg. 126 I knew that Van Houten was a disappointment from pg. 183-194
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