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by Isabelle Fiore

Isabelle Fiore

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Cheerleading

Some say cheerleading isn't a sport They're wrong In competitive cheerleading... You jump, stunt, and tumble You practice every week, just like any other sport. It takes a lot of talent to be on a competitive cheer team Without one person, the stunt will not work. Every job is important and just as hard. The Backspot Without the backspot, The Backspot Without the backspot, the flyer cannot basket easily or safely do any turns. The Bases Without any base, The flyer cannot go up at all, let alone do anything. The Flyer Without the flyer, there is no job for the other parts. Most people think the flyers have it easy because they aren't lifting, but that's not true. Football Practice Cheerleading Practice heer Backspot Main Base Secondary Base Flyer Not everyone gets to know that feeling That last pitch with bases loaded and a tie score Knowing exactly where you have to run before the quarterback throws the ball for a touchdown The penalty kick deciding the game where the team's fate rests on you Looking down and seeing a blue mat, knowing the second the music goes starts you turn into a whole different person... Pike Jump Back Handspring Stunts!
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