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Ruby Bridges

No description

chloe bailey

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Ruby Bridges

Ruby lived with her parents two younger brothers and one younger sister.
Ruby became one of the first young African-American girls to go to an integrated school.
Young Years
Ruby Bridges was born on September 8th 1954 in Tyler Town Mississippi.
Ruby was one of the six people who passed the test to get into the former segregated school, William Frantz school.
Over the years Ruby has earned many rewards for her acts of kindness such as:
- The Legacy Of Caring Award
-MLK Lifetime Achievement Award

Ruby Bridges
Chloe Bailey
Mrs. Morrow
L.A. 1
12 March 2014

Ruby lived on a farm which her parents and grandparents sharecropped.
Ruby, her parents and her siblings moved to New Orleans hoping to begin a better life after being treated so poorly by white neighbors and other people living around there area.
Ruby's parents names were Lucille Bridges and Abon Bridges.
Her siblings names were, Michael, Malcom, and Joanna
Ruby's parents each had there own opinions on ruby going to an integrated school. Her father was not such a big fan of the idea he thought it would be hurtful. While on the other hand, her mother supported the idea of her going to an integrated school.
Her first day at the integrated school was on November 14, 1960.
When going to school that morning Ruby and her mother were escorted to the school in cars by federal marshals which were sent there by the Federal District Court Judge.
She kept up her strength through all of the hardship and continued through integrated schools throughout high school and middle school earning outstanding grades.
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