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The Lightning Thief

No description

jiwon yoon

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief

Prezi done by Jiwon Yoon The Lightning Thief Aunty Em/poodle/water park incident/zoo transport/Lotus Casino About Percy Jackson Going to the hill Episode two (2) Fighting with the monster Episode three (3) Welcome to Camp Half-blood Meeting Mr. D, Chiron and the campers. A dangerous Quest Written by Rick Riordan Percy had been kicked out of school 6 times. The final school before he discovers he is Half-Blood is Yancy Academy. He hated his Pre-Algebra teacher Ms. Dodds but soon enough she tried to kill him but just in time, Mr. Brunner threw Percy his pen and it was not a pen anymore. He caught it in mid-air and fought back to Ms. Dodds. When she got a cut on her shoulder, she disappeared. A pen and a sword was a famous bronze sword called Riptide. After that, Everyone didn't know who Ms.Dodds is. Percy just thought everyone was messing around with him. But they weren't. After that, he was kicked out of school again and went home. When his mom arrived at the house, he and mom went to have a vacation in the beach. They borrowed his smelly step-dad's car and safely arrived at the beach. When he was sleeping in the tent happily with his beloved mother, a thunder storm came. Suddenly, Grover came through the storm and said that they have to go to the hill. As soon as possible. The hill was about a 100 yards away from where they was. It was quite far to walk and there was a monster chasing them. So they decided to take the car and drive to the hill. Her mother is just a normal mortal but the camp that he was about to enter was immortals only and mortals can't go through it. The place was protected by the Thalia Tree. Turned by tree by Zeus, her Father. As they get closer and closer, a lightning struck the car. By the result, Grover passed out, and needed food and luckily, Percy and Mom was OK but behind them was a monster chasing them. Fighting with a monster has great power was a silly thing to do when you don't have a weapon, skill, or knowing its weak point. But still, he fight for his life. He just saw his mother disappearing by the monster. Percy was outraged and got his hand over a horn of the monster and 'SNAP' with the horn broke. He finally got a weapon. With all his might, he punched the monster in the ribs and it howled and dissolved. With the gone of the monster the bad, stormy weather stopped. He wanted to cry for his mother and collapse in the ground but he can't. Right next to him, there was Grover who still needs help. He is conscious but he couldn't do anything. So with his badly hurtled body, he carried Grover and himself to the strawberry field, which looked like that outside the borders, and he collapsed in the wooden porch and a fan in the ceiling. He got saved by few people in the camp. After that he was moved to the big house and Annabeth took care of him. He was unconscious for 2 days and woke up. When he finally woke up, he was unsure about everything. He just saw her mother disappear. He didn't knew what to do. Luckily he had Grover even if he is a satyr. Half goat and half human. When he knew Annabeth is the one who saved him, he was really thankful to her but she didn't replied. Grover introduced him around camp half blood. And the day after, the game capture the flag was played. He got hurt while fighting, but when he went inside the creek, his wound got heeled and he got power. Annabeth was surprised and called Chiron to see. But when he arrive and take a look, there was something showing above is head. A trident. And Chiron announced that is was determined and he said percy's father was Poseidon. God of the seas. The Chiron moved him to Cabin 3 the next day. Luke, the betrayer Scorpion's bite Luke and Percy met in the woods when Luke was practicing with his sword against a dummy, Percy was watching him practice and Luke notice that he was watching. He quickly put down his sword and turned to Percy. They both went down to the woods and have a talk while drinking coke. While a perfectly good conversation, Luke snapped and a gold scorpion appeared. It was crawling up on to his pants legs. He was scared and he found out that Luke served Kronos. Betraying everyone that once knew him. And it attacked Percy. It was fast and deadly. He fought it with his all mint and beat it. But there was a pain in his hand and noticed that it had stung him first. So with lots of pain he went to the river but it didn't heal much. The poison was too strong. So he limped towards the camp and again in the sickroom in the Big house. Fighting with Ares Going up to the Olympus Thank you for watching!!!! Percy, Grover, and Annabeth is put in a dangerous quest that didn't even knew that they are going to make it alive of not. They went because they thought Hades, Lord of the dead has her. Plus, Chiron said she was still alive. So they packed up their stuff and begun their journey. Percy took Grover and Annabeth to company and help them. The first pearl was inside Aunty Em's gnome garden. And almost made in to stone because of Percy's mistake. Listen to the poodle's advice and almost led himself to dead. Saved by his dad. When he got his mind alright, a weird water park was right in front of them and it was a trap to trick Ares and Aphrodite. Went to the Lotus Casino by taking zoo transport and arrived at Lotus Casino. They almost died in these adventure. A short trailer 2:36 minutes Intro, Episode 1 When the group arrived at the restaurant to to eat something, they saw some man yelling in a cycling suit and a pair of sunglasses. They couldn't see very well because of the sunglasses but Grover saw his eyes glowed. And he glanced at Percy. He fought in the beach when the cops arrived. But they were no match for a god. So Percy and Ares were fighting with a sword. Violently. But Percy beat him with the 6-foot sea water collapsing at him. He saved the bolt and when to The Empire State Buliding where Olympus is. Beating a god Olympus moves around in different countries. In this time, America has it in The Empire State Building 600 floor. There is a special key to go up. He turned the key inside the keyhole and another button appeared that says 600. Percy pressed it and it began to go up. There was 1 minute until Summer Solstice and he returned the bolt to Zeus in the right time.
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