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saras real life project thingy

No description

sara aguirre

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of saras real life project thingy

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr My Real Life Math Project A look into my Future :)
by Sara Aguirre How do I want to live when I'm about 25 years old?
How much money will I need to live this way?
What kind of jobs fit my interests?
Which kind of job would pay enough to support my lifestyle?
How could I qualify for this kind of job?
What kind of schooling or college degree does the job require?
How much time would this take?
Do I need to change my approach toward school?
What goals can I set for myself? Questions this project has made me think about. The way I want to live costs some money.
If I want to make enough money to live the way I want to live, I can't just let life happen.
I need to make decisions based in reality.
The reality is I'm growing up.
I need to pay attention so that I don't fail to plan.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.
I've made some goals... What I have learned... Goal 1 (school goal for right now)
Goal 2 (high-school goal)
Goal 3 (after high-school goal) My Goals How I want to live:
i want to live in a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco The $MONEY$ of life... i want the new iPhone 6 with no text limit or calling minutes and a really cool phone case :) Cell phone Internet i want to drive a Sion but in black :) i just love these cars! i want to wear nice clothing:) I can borrow some of my grandma's stuff. I don't need any stuff for my house. I can go running outside. I don't need to go to the gym. This is so I can afford a new Cadillac when I'm 35. I am going to save 10% of what I make. Monthly Expenses: $
Annual (per year) Expenses: $
Taxes: $
Annual Salary Needed: $ Possible Expenses -- Break Down Teacher One job that will pay enough: TEACHER
Bachelors (4-year) degree or higher
Pay is between $29,000 and $88,000
The job outlook is good. 3000 jobs might be available in 5 years because no one wants to put up with kids these days... Job Information: Agricultural Equipment Operators Another job that will pay enough:
(option 2) Agricultural Equipment Operators
These occupations usually require a high school diploma.
In 2011, the average annual wage in California was $23,940 with most people making between $17,860 and $33,290
It is projected that there will be 15,800 employed in 2018. Job Information: i want a really cool apple lap top with fast internet! and a cool cover :)
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