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Come and Take a Walk With Me

No description

Kelsey Rehman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Come and Take a Walk With Me

My Dad!
Greg Rehman grew up here in Windsor Ontario, not far from LaSalle. From the time he was young he has lived in 4 different places which I will show you today. Come and take a walk with me :) This is the house my dad and
his family grew up in from the
time he was born until he moved
out at the age of 22.

(3539 Virginia Park Windsor) This is my parents first house
they lived in this house for about
6 years.
(1991 Ferndal Windsor) After my mom had my brother my parents moved to River Canard in Amherstburg. I lived here until I was
9 years old
(Ryan Street) After our house in River Canard,
my parents decided they wanted to
build. We moved about 2 minutes away
from our previous house to an old
farm house on a 5 acre lot. My parents
soon tore the house down and began to
(3527 3rd Concession) Finally, when I was 14 my family
decided to move to LaSalle to
be closer to everything. So this
is where we ended up!
(1180 Woodmont Crst)
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