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Amna Chaudhry

on 23 June 2014

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Argument / Thesis
Racial profiling is an ineffective law enforcement strategy.
Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity to suspect someone of committing a crime
Applying quotas to police officers
Police are forced to find ways to make an arrest
Becomes easier to suspect people than to find evidence and make action.

Discrimination in countries based on the history of certain races
In America, African American and Hispanics are racially profiled
In Canada, Aboriginals are racially profiled along with African American and Hispanics.

Stereotypes seen within society
Provides false information to the public and towards the Criminal law system
Case Study: R.v. Brown
An officer stopped an African Canadian while driving

Case Study: R.v. Brown
Decovan Brown was stopped by Officer Olsen while driving.

Evidence supported the use of racial profiling was involved.

Skin colour does not determine whether one is a considered to be a criminal

Negative Outcomes of Racial Profiling
The public will no longer want to cooperate with the police

Public will not take laws seriously and therefore more crimes will be committed

Harms communities based on race

Leads to racially motivated violence

Distracts law enforcement strategies from using more useful approaches

Possible solutions of Racial profiling
Change attitudes and practices of law enforcements

Public being aware about racial profiling

Quota system should change

Relationship between the police and public needs to be stronger

From this statistic, people create stereotypes believing that race has a connection with crime
Further Analyzing Racial Profiling
The End
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