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Salford Public Health Annual Report 2011/12

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Peter Varey

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Salford Public Health Annual Report 2011/12

-Birth and... ...the number is expected to increase to nearly 70,000 by 2030. These diseases contribute to 3% of the life expectancy gap. In Salford 59,000 adults live with one, or more, long-term conditions... Mental Wellbeing 76% have good life satisfaction
High use of Mental Health Services Cancer Lung cancer in men falling
Cancer deaths overall amongst highest in the country Stroke 3.26% Stroke cases
2.54% nationally Ensure all children have the best start in life and continue to develop well during their early years Smoking Causes 80% of COPD Alcohol Salford has amongst the highest hospital admissions nationally Physical Activity 1 in 3 Adults meet minimum recommended levels Diet 46% add salt to food Leading a healthy lifestyle and improving resilience Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. All local residents can
access quality health
and social care and
use it appropriately. Local residents achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing by leading a healthy lifestyle supported by resilient communities. Priority one Priority two Priority three Giving children the best start in life Public Health Annual Report 2011/12 Public health in clinical settings Public Health In Clinical Setting can help to: promote health enhancing activities support self care access vulnerable people identify local health needs reduce risk of long term illness personalised health
information General Practitioner Psychiatric Nurse Occupational Therapist Speech and Language Therapist Midwife Health Visitor Hospital Doctor Sexual Health Nurse Consultant Paediatrician Physiotherapist Psychiatrist Practice Nurse Health Visitors Child deaths under one year has been decreasing nationally and in the north west. The Salford trend is up and down. Midwives
Safe sleeping, new born screening, healthy start, breastfeeding, initiatives to reduce infant mortality ... Child Immunisation rates amongst best in UK

16.3% of women smoking at the time of delivery. Lifestyle Risk Factors Health is improving in Salford... Inequalities... Dentist Screening and Early Detection Estimated three year benefit:
• 11 deaths prevented per 2,000 health checks.
• 13 strokes prevented
• 31 non-fatal heart attack events prevented. Live Well Work Well All local residents can access quality health and social care and use it appropriately Recommendations include... • Develop a public health vision and charter

• Support improvements for Salford women and children through joint working

• Continue cancer awareness campaigns and widen coverage

• Promotion of mental wellbeing and signposting to information / self-help /management tools

• Introduce a range of initiatives to increase uptake of health checks

• HIV testing offers should be increased, including clinical settings - cancer screening uptake improving. Bowel screening still amongst lowest in North West and cervical below target - cancer awareness campaigns show increase in people recognising key cancer symptoms - GPs assessing patient pathways in using practice level cancer outcome information Cancer Screening and Early Detection NHS Health Checks - one in three cancers are diagnosed as part of
an emergency hospital admission Clinical Setting identifying and advising on risk factors Disease Registers Supporting Mental Wellbeing MECC - Increase staff awareness and skills for management of mental health problems for people with long term conditions

- Completed this year with hospital staff In conclusion... ... clinical settings are fundamental to improving Public Health. Young People
Clinical settings influence positive health choices early e.g.
Weight management, Contraception /sexual health advice, Chlamydia testing, referral /signposting e.g SMART . Emotional Aspects Consultation Public Health... Public Health...
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