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Back to School Night

No description

J. Miller

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of Back to School Night

Back to School Night
Mrs. Miller
Third Grade
Language Arts &
Social Studies

The calendar on the
site includes homework and test information.
Grades may be
accessed via PowerSchool. Click on blue letter grades for additional information.
Third grade students will take the PARCC test in the Spring. Independent work is expected. This will prepare them for the upper grades as well as the test.
MAP tests are also being used to individualize each student's education.
Fall conferences may be scheduled by calling the office staff.
This will make it easier and more convenient to schedule conferences with multiple teachers.
Homework Club is by teacher recommendation only and usually begins in early November. Both morning and afternoon hours were offered last year.
My Website:
Parents can access teacher websites via the 365 button on the school's website (www.somerdale-park.org).
Log in with your child's username and password. Usernames are usually, but not always, your child's firstinitiallastname @ somerdale-park.org. Passwords begin with stu and are followed by five numbers.
The Language Arts and Social Studies pages provide links to websites and study guides.
Other information is found there as well.
Students may wear gym clothes two days a week and uniforms two days a week. Blue & Gold Days require royal or navy blue and/or yellow clothing. Please be mindful of this and avoid light blue/sky blue/teal/etc. shades.
Other important
I use ClassDojo to
help students manage their behavior. Please understand that on some days I give more points than on others. Please also understand that the overall trend is more important than individual points lost and gained.
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