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Waterproof Breathable Fabric

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diana sanchez

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Waterproof Breathable Fabric

Breathability is the ability to buffer moisture – to soak it up and then release it, thus avoiding a situation where water vapour is retained by the fabric of a building. The technical term for this property is hygroscopic.
water repellant

Better than water resistant fabrics, due to its weave or finish.

Water doesn't penetrate.

Manufacturer of Waterproof Breathable fabrics: The GORE-TEX®
It offers durable waterproofness and is truly windproof. Also, the fabric keeps highly breathable.

All GORE-TEX® fabrics have an ultra-thin treatment called DWR - a durable water repellent polymer - applied to the outermost fabric layer so that water beads up and rolls off rather than soaks in.

Multiple GORE-TEX® membranes have been developed for specific end uses to ensure that the finished laminate will provide durable waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection.

Structure of waterproof fabric
densely woven waterproof breathable

Laminated waterproof breathable

Coated waterproof breathable fabrics
Effect of temperature and humidity
Waterproof fabric doesn't allow the humidity to pass through it. When the water droplets formed due to humidity, fall on the waterproof fabric, the water droplet forms a pearl-like figure and rolls off the fabric. This happen because the yarn of the waterproof fabric is tired closely together and doesn't provide space for the water droplets to soak in fabric.

Weatherproof breathable fabrics wick the body's moisture away from the skin through billions of tiny pores in it, far smaller than droplets of water, while totally preventing water from soaking inside the clothing.

All this means that in windy, dry conditions, comfort is easy to maintain as the external vapour pressure is low and wind quickly evaporates away any moisture.
Waterproof Breathable Fabric
water resistant
waterproof fabric
Water resistant fabrics do not get wet easily.

Although, it will absorb water in heavy rain or if socked in water completely.

Polyester and nylon are water resistant fabrics.
Water proof fabrics are those which do not absorb water at all.

These fabrics are always dry even when in contact with water.

The weave or finish makes it non- porous material.

Fabrics are coated with water proofing materials such as rubber, polyvinyl etc.

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