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W.D. Snodgrass

Contemporary Author Assignment

John Weir

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of W.D. Snodgrass

William De-Witt Snodgrass The Confessionalist Author A Simple and Sad Life (1926-2009) Born in Pennsylvania Very well educated "Heart's Needle" his first collection of poems
this established him as the leading Confessionalist Four Wives and Cynthia his inspiration Confessional Poetry World War II Confessional poetry potrays in intimate, and sometimes unflattering, information about details of the poet's personal life His First Daughter Cynthia... The Influencer and the Influenced Here in the scuffled dust
is our ground of play.
I lift you on your swing and must
shove you away,
see you return again,
drive you off again, then

stand quiet till you come.
You, though you climb
higher, farther from me, longer,
will fall back to me stronger.
Bad penny, pendulum,
you keep my constant time

to bob in blue July
where fat goldfinches fly
over the glittering, fecund
reach of our growing lands.
Once more now, this second,
I hold you in my hands. In the University of Iowa, Lowell was Snodgrass's Teacher Jealous of Snodgrass's Pulitzer He eventually died... Cancer Heart's Neetle (7) This stanza shows the intensity of his loss Lowell had a change of heart Depressing Cold War Child of my winter, born
When the new fallen soldiers froze
In Asia's steep ravines and fouled the snows,
When I was torn

By love I could not still,
By fear that silenced my cramped mind
To that cold war where, lost, I could not find
My peace in my will,

All those days we could keep
Your mind a landscape of new snow
Where the chilled tenant-farmer finds, below,
His fields asleep

In their smooth covering, white
As quilts to warm the resting bed
Of birth or pain, spotless as paper spread
For me to write,

And thinks: Here lies my land
Unmarked by agony, the lean foot
Of the weasel tracking, the thick trapper's boot;
And I have planned

My chances to restrain
The torments of demented summer or
Increase the deepening harvest here before
It snows again. More Depressing...
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