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CBI presentation

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yuting wang

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of CBI presentation

Presenter: Yuting Wang Lafayett, R. C. & Buscaglia, M. (1985). Students learn language via a civilization course-A comparison of second language classroom environments. Background & Literature Review Formal setting: behaviorism and cognitivism
Focus on forms, grammar-focused This study Purpose: compare improvement in the second language skills among fourth semester French students enrolled in a content course taught in French and similar level students enrolled in a traditional fourth semester French course Participants: university students, fourth semester of French, 73 students in five sections, one experimental group, (18) four control groups conclusions and suggestions: non-language content: culture
improvement of three skills, except writing

grammar inclusion
lengthen the experiment
lower level Informal setting: study abroad
Upshur (1968): no significant effects on language learning attributable to the amount of language instruction
Communicative use of the language
Krashen: exposure-type and intake-type
Terrel (1971): a natural approach in an elementary school (Spanish)
Suozzo (1981): culture-oriented, not completely exclude grammar (French) Differences:
informal environment in an L1 setting (their own country)
completely exclude grammar instruction
comprehensive assessment Method control group Material: Comment Vivent les Francais (visual aid) + Aujour'dui
Discussion: outside-of-class reading, no grammar correction
Grading: cultural content exam (40%); seven compositions (30%); quizzes and periodical resumes (10%); attendance and participation (20%) experimental group Material: Aujourd' hui (grammar-based text, readings)
Discussions: content, forms
Grading: 50% grammar exam; 50% four compositions French Discussion questions The results hinge on the design of assessment tools, Thus, if you were the researcher, followed the same purpose of the research, how would you design the assessment tools?
The participants in this study are high-intermediate students. Is it possible for us to implement this study in lower-level students? If yes, do we need to have any adjustments for the method? Test Reading, writing and listening: MLA-Cooperative French Tests, form MA and MB.
Speaking: interview (description, request information and story telling)
Attitude: semantic differential+personal casual interview Results Speaking: experimental group
Reading: no significant improvement
Writing: control group
Listening: no significant improvement note: SD in listening and speaking dropped down in EX group
implication: homogeneous, CBI benefits less able students possible reasons: the design of assessment
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