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A Thousand Splendid Suns

Book Presentation for CIS Lit

Kenzie A.

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns Plot Summary Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Khaled Hosseini Historical Background Story takes place from 1958 (talking about main character before she is born) to 2003
mostly in Kabul, Afghanistan Literary Devices Foreshadowing Imagery Point of view Suspense Flashback Critical Lenses Trauma/psychological Feminist Narratology Post-colonial Pashtuns and Hazaras and Tajiks and Uzbeks Read this book.
You will enjoy it if you do.
So read this book.
It is a good book. The End... Themes Human capacity for evil Loyalty and Devotion Discrimination against females Finding Beauty In A World Filled With Hate Women staying Silent/enduring Reviews Jonathan Yardley -
book critic at The Washington Post.
In 1981 he received the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism Michiko Kakutani –
an American Pulitzer Prize-winning critic for the New York Times.
She is considered a leading literary critic in the United States Natasha Walter -
British feminist writer and human rights activist, broadcaster and campaigner, the co-founder of Women for Refugee Women “…The book is powerfully moving, as was The Kite Runner, but Hosseini is not above melodrama and heartstring-tugging. A Thousand Splendid Suns is popular fiction of the first rank, which is plenty good enough, but it is not literature and should not be mistaken for such.” “…He [Hosseini] succeeds in making the emotional reality of Mariam and Laila’s lives tangible to us, and by conjuring their day-to-day routines, he is able to give us a sense of what daily life was like in Kabul — both before and during the harsh reign of the Taliban…” “…Hosseini is skilled at telling a certain kind of story, in which events that may seem unbearable - violence, misery and abuse - are made readable…” Book Connections Beloved Solar Storms Persepolis Giovanni's Room -Girls are forbidden from attending school. All schools for girls will be closed immediately.
-Women are forbidden from working.
-If you are found guilty of adultery, you will be stoned to death.
Listen. Listen well. Obey. Allah-u-akbar. Attention women:
-You will stay inside your homes at all times. It is not proper for women to wander aimlessly about the streets.
-If you go outside, you must be accompanied by a mahram, a male relative. If you are caught alone on the street, you will be beaten and sent home. -You will not, under any circumstance, show your face. You will cover with burqa when outside. If you do not, you will be severely beaten. -Cosmetics are forbidden.
-Jewelry is forbidden.
-You will not wear charming clothes.
-You will not speak unless spoken to.
-You will not make eye contact with men.
-You will not laugh in public, if you do you will be beaten. Kabul Poem
by: Saib-e-Tabrizi (Art form) (Art Form) A Thousand Splendid Suns... Setting
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