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Leonardo DiCaprio

No description

alexandria prentice

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, Most Know Man Alive.
Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most known celebrities in the world, popular at young age, and works as an environmentalists in his free time.
Early Age
Leonardo grew up in the ghettos of Hollywood. He went to school an hour away so he could hang with the rich kids everyday. At school, Leonardo would often pull pranks and was known as the "Class Clown", but he sometimes took things to far.
Leonardo tried acting once again after quitting when he was younger, he would often get rejected because of his name and looks. He almost lost hope, but with the inspiration and helpful words of his father, he never did lose his hope.
Leonardo soon started landing roles on t.v shows, commercials, and theatrical roles.
Film Star
Thanks to the movie "Growing Pains" and "This Boys Life", Leonardo became much more popular than he was and land him more roles.
Although "Titanic" was very popular, Leonardo hit a career slump. The few movies he played afterwords did not get as popular and as many views as intended.
After Playing In Titanic, Leonardo had an unsinkable Fame. There was no way Leonardo's fame could be taken away. Titanic was all anyone talked about and was very popular for a very long time.

Environmental Champion
Leonardo has clearly demonstrated his passion for environment issues.When he isn't working as an actor, he is working for the environment trying to improve and keep it healthy.
Leonardo says loving helping the environment goes back to his childhood, it came from watching documentaries about rain forests and loss of habitats and species.
Leonardos served on bill boards of world wild life funds, natural resources defense council, and international fun for animal welfare.
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