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The South and the Slavery Controversy

No description

Joseph Cottrell

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The South and the Slavery Controversy

Chapter 16
The South and the Slavery Controversy Cotton -cotton accounts for 1/2 the value
of US exports after 1840
-The South produced more than 1/2 of
the world's supply
-Industrial Great Britain was very dependent on Southern cotton
-"Cotton was King" Planters -The planter aristocracy provided the economic, political and social leadership of the South, and often of the nation
-wealth allowed them to dominate all aspects of politics
-undemocratic wealth gap existed in the South
-hampered development of public education Southern Problems
-excessive cultivation caused smaller farmers to sell their farms to the more prosperous
-financial instability of the system
-dangerous dependence on a one-crop economy
-more economically diverse North grew richer
-South repelled European immigration Who owned slaves? 3/4ths of all Southern Whites owned no slaves Where were slaves located within the South? The black belt Why did non-slaveholding whites in the South
support the institution of slavery? 1. Because they hoped to one day become rich slaveholders 2. Racism! There was always someone
lower on the social ladder. Free African Americans
-250,000 free blacks in the South by 1860
-some freed after the Revolution
-some were freed children of their master
-some purchased their freedom
-another 250,000 in the North
-faced Northern racism/hated by the Irish SLAVERY! auctioned like cattle "Breakers"-crush the slave's will to resist Work as field hands on rice plantations In homes, raising white children as house servants in the kitchen SLAVERY
-degrading, slaves were deprived of dignity and any sense of responsibility
-slave codes: slaves could not be educated, could not bear firearms and could not leave without a written pass
-slaves resisted by slowing work, feigning illness, stealing and sabotage (rarely by armed insurrection)
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