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Hoops for Heart

A persuasive writing piece that tries to convince people in participating in Hoops for Heart.

devinn doering

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Hoops for Heart

Hoops 4 Heart These are some pictures of Langdons Hoops 4 Hearts. Here is A video about Hoops 4 Heart Some facts Here is a newspaper article about our school Students at Langdon School celebrated a major milestone by raising thousands of dollars for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Members of the Calgary Stampeders came out to thank the students for their hard work and joined in on a game of basketball.

"It's always important first off, for the kids you know they go out and raise this money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and that's amazing," said Juwan Simpson, Stamps Linebacker, "I can give back and come out here and have a good time with them. I enjoy it and I'm sure the rest of the guys do as well."

The students have raised more than $50,000 over the past four years through the Hoops for Heart program.

"It's just a very educational fundraising program throughout the schools in the city and it teaches them a lot about keeping their heart healthy, staying active, eating well and staying smoke free," said Tannis Sigfusson from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Heart &Stroke Hoops for Heart supports vital research, medical advances, social change and health education. The students get active shooting hoops, while earning cool prizes and fundraising for an important cause. The money is raised through sponsorship pledges from students' family members and friends.

The Stampeders took to the basketball court, taking on the faculty to the delight of the students. The students had fun and learned a lot through the fundraising and awareness program.

The Langdon School is one of the programs top supporters and presented the foundation with a check for more than $12,000 that they raised this year. Taken from the CTV report About 33000 babies are born with heart disease every year. Fact #1 Every 7 minutes 1 person dies of heart disease. Fact #2 The End We hope you enjoyed
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