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A presentation on the City of Albany Tourism Strategy from 2010 and Beyond.

Michelle Dayman

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of amazingalbany

Tourism Marketing Strategy- 2010 and beyond The History... The Future... The amazingalbany brand was established in 2005 with tourism identified as an important economic development objective in the City’s strategic plan and is the subject of a separate Tourism Strategy.
•Develop Albany as a high profile and highly sought-after tourism destination.
•Build trust with tourism operators and stakeholders to improve the cohesiveness and viability of the industry
•Improve the quality of visitor servicing to exceed visitor expectation and increase repeat travellers.
•Attract cooperative marketing funds from all stakeholders
Extensive market research was performed by The Hub which identified that the age profile of visitors to Albany is dominated by people aged 36-55 (45%) and 55+ (31%) indicating the baby-boomer market as our major segment.
According to Tourism WA research, 71% of visitors to Albany come from the Perth region.
Based on this knowledge our target market overview was created as

“Active Female Baby Boomers” Living in Perth
•Leisure Travellers •Medium to high level of discretionary income and time
•Self Drive (Independent) •Spend money on travel with partner/friends
•Aged 45 and above •Have visited Albany many years ago
Market Research Key Strategic Objectives The Birth of a Brand Target Market The amazingalbany brand marketing strategy in the past 5 years has centred around Albany’s four Iconic Experiences.
These experiences are niche products that set us apart from our competition:
Experience Albany Escape- Unspoiled Landscapes
Pristine beached, turquoise bays, dramatic coastline, rugged landscapes, forests, clean, open spaces.
Indulge- Spoil Yourself
Fresh local produce, premium wine, art & culture, wide range of accommodation (including pampering. Two farmer’ markets, Go Taste Albany Farm Gate Trail, breweries, restaurants, boutique shopping (fashion & giftware).
Invigorate- Active Adventures
Soft adventure in a natural environment- marine (surfing, fishing, diving, swimming, boating, whale watching, paddling) bush walking (wildflowers, birdwatching), cycling (Go Cycle Albany), golf.
Connect- Western Australia’s Birth Place
First WA Settlement, ANZAC significance, Princess Royal Forts, architecture, the Brig Amity, Old Gaol, WA Museum (Albany), Albany Town Hall and other significant architecture. Also topical is Geneaology due to the SBS TV series “Who Do You Think You Are”.
Style Guide Accompanying the original brand launch was a style guide incorporating strong yellow and blue tones, diagonal leading lines, and high quality photographs. This style template has housed a number of themes including:

“Celebrate the Unique”
“Explore. Discover.Relax”
“WA’s first holiday stop since 1826”
“Rediscover Albany”
“Where nature meets nurture”
“WA’s Winter Hideaway”
And many more
While in the past, a strict style guide was required to assist in establishing the recognisability of the brand, 5 years of consistent marketing means that that amazingalbany can stand alone as the continuous feature in all adverts.
This allows the next phase of marketing to move away from the strict style guide of the past and be reinvigorated into a crisp, modern new style, adaptable to suit different themes allows a movement away from the traditional strict style guide opens avenues of moulding the look of marketing to become a crisp and effective visual that showcases the amazingalbany brand. A Valuable Brand Target Markets While the baby boomer market still forms a predominant percentage of visitors to Albany, the last five years has seen the emergence of an Adventure Tourism Market of visitors seeking activity and adventure.
With Albany's extraordinary coastline, walking trails, bikes trails, fishing, 4WDing and much much more, the opportunity exists to position ourselves as the "Adventure Capital of Western Australia" attracting a new generation of visitors and filling a vacant niche market that will set ourselves apart from our competition.
Attracting this market will require a commitment to developing adventure tourism and marketing accordingly through mediums relevant to the new target market. Destination Packaging Along with the new format of advert design, the original four iconic experiences will be adapted to create specialist packages to entice a diverse range of interest groups to visit Albany.
Example of such packages include:

•Adventure Albany
•Romantic Albany
•Entertainment Albany
•ANZAC Albany
•Cultural Albany
•Historic Albany
•Aquatic Albany
•Scenic Albany
•Indigenous Albany

Each package theme will be formatted around a base template, but with different designs to suit the theme. (i.e Romantic Albany, with rich red accompaniments, elegant, flowing design)

Advertising for each theme would be directed into mediums that best suit the audience of that particular theme (i.e. A 4WD-ing/Fishing Magazine for Adventure Albany)

Each of these themes will be backed by the Tagline "amazingalbany" and logo.

amazingalbany the money maker... amazingalbany merchandise has been around since the brand was established, however has never been explored to its full potential.
The sale of amazingalbany merchandise will:
•Create a higher recognition of brand amazingalbany
•Generate an income stream to fund additional tourism marketing activity
•Create links between the City and operators through licensing agreements.
•Develop further use of amazingalbany brand through operator staff uniforms etc

The ANZAC Link With the Centenary of ANZAC fast approaching, the marketing of the ANZAC legend and Albany’s strong links with Australia’s ANZAC history is crucial to the development of Albany’s Tourism Industry in future years.

The centenary of the departure event is unique to Albany and will be the biggest event Albany has ever seen, attracting dignitaries and tourists from around Australia and Worldwide.

Albany is the “must be” destination for 2014, and will be only second to Gallipoli in 2015.

Marketing for this event needs to be done well- and begin now to ensure a successful event in 2014 and a future of being a “must visit” destination on the ANZAC trail for decades to come.
Marketing Focus Within the Tourism Strategy will lie a focus on the following:

•Increasing the length of stay
(Traditionally, many visitors do not allow enough time due to lack of knowledge of attractions. How do we overcome this?)

•Distance and travel options
(A common myth is that Albany is 6 hours+ from perth- how do we dispell this? I.e. Inclusion of drive time on all marketing)

•Support of major external projects such as Maritime Heritage, Kinjarling Trail, Tourism Indicators and National Landscapes to develop additional attractions and ensure sustainability of our tourism industry etc.

•Showcasing new developments such as the ANZAC Peace Park, and AEC (plus any major developments completed in the next 5 years) to draw attention to the “new Albany”.

Albany...a hub The amazingalbany brand encompasses the outer regions and does not aim to compete against or take business away from regional shires (Denmark, Bremer Bay, Kojonup, Cheynes, Mt Barker etc)

However, marketing as a Great Southern Region has been unsuccessful in the past and the importance of having a "Hub", a recognisable destination that is the gateway to outer areas is palpable.

amazingalbany the brand and its subsequent marketing is funded by the City of Albany, and therefore the ratepayers of Albany.
So moving forward to the next 5 years, the marketing will continue to be unapologetically "albany-centric" and promote Albany as a destination, and a perfect base for day tripping to the outer areas that lie within reach.

Food for Thought... This is your opportunity to contribute to the amazingalbany Tourism Marketing Strategy for 2010 and beyond.
The ATMAC Committee will take your ideas which will be considered when the committee puts together the final key points for the Strategy in coming weeks. The previous Strategy included items such as:
•Establish the proposed Albany Waterfront Peace Park (complete)
•Lead a master plan and enhancement of the Amity Historical Precinct (complete)
•Foster and promote major events recognising the significant contribution event tourism plays in bolstering and developing growth in tourism. (Ulysses, Great Southern Adventure Race)

The Committee invites you to join them in this brainstorming workshop.
We look forward to hearing your ideas.
Thankyou for your attendance
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