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Hermann Göring Biography

No description

Akshay Chacko

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Hermann Göring Biography

Hermann Göring

Copyright 2013
281 Pages

Who am I?
Major Events in Göring's Life
Early Life
Rich family payed for good education
Nazi Affiliation
At the time, Nazi's were growing in power so I joined them.
Involvement in World War II
Given success in WWI, appointed to Luftwaffe by Hitler
Sentencing and Suicide
Tried during Nuremburg Trials
Major Events in Book
"The Nazi and the Psychiatrist" takes place after the death of Hitler, as I was imprisoned, and awaiting trial.
Imprisonment in Luxembourg
Imprisoned in Mondorf-les-Bains
Kelley's Ulterior Motives
Relatively young and new psychiatrist
My Death
Tried for for conspiracy; waging a war of aggression; war crimes, and crimes against humanity
What Kelley Discovered
At the end of his tests, Kelley was unsuccessful
Death of Kelley
Even after my death, I still had an important effect on Kelley
German politician and military leader
World War I Veteran
Reichsmarschall, highest military position
Second-in-command to Hitler
16 March 1938
Early Life
Born January 12, 1893 in Bavaria
Found guilty for war crimes in 1946
Sentenced to hanging, but committed suicide the night before
Body cremated and ashes were scattered
Opposition against Hitler increased
Named Hitler's successor
Sent a telegram asking to take over
Hitler ordered my deposition
by Akshay Chacko
Ms. Churchill
English 2H P6

Family was relatively wealthy
Grew up in a small castle near Nuremberg
Interested in military from young age
Disliked school and frequently skipped it

Went to military school at age 16 and graduated with distinction
Life After School
Enlisted in military after completing school in 1912
During World War I soldiers were high in demand
Fought initially in the army, but then joined the air force
Received the coveted Pour le Mérite for military excellence
Even after the war, still continued to fly, sometimes doing contract work
Married his first wife Carin von Kantzow in 1922
Joining of the Nazi Party
Joined Nazi Party in 1922 & befriended Hitler
Quickly appointed position in the SA
In 1923, participated in failed Beer Hall Putsch
Unsuccessful in taking over Munich
Shot in the leg and given morphine
Nazi party increased and I was elected as Nazi Representative from Bavaria in 1928
Wife Carin died of heart failure in 1931
Continued Life in Nazi Party
As Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he appointed me to many government positions.
Minister without Portfolio
Reich Commissioner of Aviation
Minister of the Interior for Prussia
Created the Gestapo in 1933
Treaty of Versailles prevented Germany from having an Air Force
Hitler then pushed into Poland, starting WWII
World War II
Commander-in-chief of Luftwaffe
Quickly defeated Poland, Belgium and France
Awarded the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Promoted to Reichsmarschall
Americans and British were able to stop the Luftwaffe
Slowly lost Hitler's trust
Military and boarding school gave skills to be a great leader and fighter
After military school I joined the army, giving me the experience which would aid me in WWII
Roman Catholic and despised Jews
As I ascended the ranks, I became greedy and even more malicious
Interest in the military led me to join the army
Pillaged hundreds of thousands
Initially very powerful and helped the Nazis greatly
Eventually overpowered by the US and UK
Hitler's distrust ultimately lead to my downfall
So deeply traumatized by his experiences in Luxembourg, he slipped into alcoholism and depression
He may have been disappointed in his findings
Committed suicide in 1958 on New Years Day
He discovered nothing unique about Nazi personality
They were all psychologically fit
This unfortunately meant that the qualities could manifest in anybody
Sentenced to execution by hanging, but requested a firing squad instead
Night before execution, ingested cyanide
24 hour surveillance mystery
US Army Psychiatrist Douglas M. Kelley put in charge of prisoners
Job to rehabilitate prisoners and make sure they were mentally fit for trial
Wanted to conduct a secret study
Curious if all Nazi leaders bore similar psychological personas or had a singular trait that linked them all

Why the Author Wrote the Book
Kelley and I
Admired the intellect of each other
Kelley fascinated by:
My lack of guilt
My lack of love for anyone but my family
Spent hundreds of hours together
People were familiar with most of my life
No written documents detailing my life in prison
Recently, Jack El-Hai got access to Kelley's files for the first time in almost 70 years
Gave previously unknown information on my life in Luxembourg
Bibliography p2
Only record were in Kelley's files
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