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Compound Sentences

No description

Travis Grossi

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences You will be able to recognize and form compound sentences For - because, showing consequences
No flowers grew in the spring, for I didn't plant them in the fall.
And - along with, also
I love singing, and I love dancing.
Nor - negative point
There was no heat in the house, nor was there any running water.
But - except, on the other hand
My dog is very nice, but he barks all night long.
Or - shows a choice
Should I vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?
Yet - as a result, therefore
I thought I would be on time, yet I was late for school again.
So - as a result, therefore
I bought all the presents, so why don't you wrap them?

1. Complete Exit Ticket

2. Review your writing. Are there places you should use a compound sentence instead of two simple sentences?

3. Continue working on your small moment stories - we need AT LEAST five stories in our folders by Friday! Coordinators spell out FANBOYS! What's a simple sentence? Let's practice together! Combine the two simple sentences with the coordinator: What we know so far Coordinators Next Steps Review Simple sentences have: SUBJECT + PREDICATE Joy plays soccer. Simple sentences are
complete thoughts Yasin loves coming to school. Our bus drove quickly to the farm. The dog ran away last Saturday. Review Time! (But if used too often, simple sentences can get really boring!) ACE Writers spice up their writing with compound sentences! Compound Sentences contain two simple sentences, joined by a special coordinator I went to the park. I ate some ice cream. I went to the park, and I ate some ice cream. My family was cold. We lost power in the hurricane. We lost power in the hurricane, so my family was cold. o
r n
d o
r u
t r e
t o 1. It is hot. Zora wants to go to the pool. [so]

2. The pie tastes bad. Tai will eat it anyway. [but]

3. Serenity got an A in Math. She got an A in English. [and]

4. The milk went bad. Ms. Sutherland left it out all night. [for]

5. There was a giant hurricane. University Heights still had school. [yet]

6. There was no turkey in the fridge. There was no mayonnaise. [nor] CHECK IT OUT! Your turn! 1. Naziyyah wants to walk to school. She wants to eat a bagel. [and]

2. Diamond got an excellent grade on her math test. Her mom bought her stickers. [so]

3. It looks like it will rain tomorrow. Kaylah doesn't have an umbrella. [but]
Use the coordinator to form compound sentences What's a compound sentence? Why do we use compound sentences? Simple sentences have:
Nouns + Predicates
complete thoughts TEXT MESSAGE Compound sentences contain two simple sentences joined by a special coordinator (FANBOYS!) Compound sentences make our writing
easier and more interesting to read!
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