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Target Audience For Romantic Movies

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Iqra Abbas

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Target Audience For Romantic Movies

Romantic Drama
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Thriller
Romantic Action
Target Audiences
Age range :
13 - 55
Couples prefer watching these movies because somehow their problems and emotions are the same that are shown in these movies and set some kind of aspiration and standard.
Families also prefer watching these movies because they are mind relaxing to them and do not require intense understanding and thinking and is a good way to spend time with family member.s.
Romantic movies is the most
favorite genre of our society
Most romantic movies are of preference to females due to the fact that they stereotypically promote the view that females are more empathetic than makes and that they prefer an easy watch.. However a large ratio of males even prefer watching romantic movies.
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