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Renaissance final project

No description

Nyran Bridgemaib

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Renaissance final project

The end of Feudalism: Renaissance final project Why did feudalism end? Nations grew, The Silk Road reopened, The death plague killed many people, and and thr hundred years war.

What kinds of things did the silk road bring to people during the Renaissance? The Silk road brought people new information and new ideas, spices and very high quality silk. Queen Elizabeth: What did she look like? (Hair, skin, clothing) She was very pale , she was big, and had bright red hair.

Why did she chose not be married? She never got married because she didnt want to lose power to her throne, especialy if it was to a man from another country.

How did she defeat the spanish armada? William Shakespeare: Who was he? William Shakespear was born and raised up in Stratford-upon-avon in England. people believe he was born on April 23rd, 1564. He wrote plays of comodies, history, and tragedy, but he also wrote sonnets or poems. He was married and had 3 kids, two boys, and one girl. In 1592 he stopped writing for a short time because people did not want to risk dieing from the Black Plauge so they didnt go outside his son also died at 11 because of this plague. People also say he died on April 23rd, 1616.

What was the name of his company of actors and where did they preform? He did most of his performing at The Globe Theater. The name of his company of actors was Chambelaih's.

What did the Globe Theater look like? It was circular and had three levels in the top two you could sit and watch from a veiw, on the bottom level you can stand under a balcony, or stand in the wide open space. It just all depends on how much money you have.

One of his best plays was Othello, a tragedy of a generall who is a black man named Othello. Then comes a man who hates Othello man named Diago, who tell othello that his wife was ceating on him. Othello kills his wife for he is so mad at her. Then Diagos wife tells Othello what really happened, and this causes Othello to kill his self in his own anger of killing his wife. The life of the lower classes: What does life of a lower class look like? They live in a Peasant hut in which it is dark from no windows, and no chimney, so the smell of smoke and bad food would flow around the house, along with the smell of unwashed people and the cows on the side of the house fenced off only by a small fence. They where skinny and tan from working in the sun. They also would have to make clothes out of anything they could find.

What kind of hardships do they face? Some hardships they faced are they never really got food to eat only black rye bread, dried beans, and a hunk of cheese. In the winter the mothers would have to sew their daughters into their dresses so they could keep warm. Every peasant capable works on their landlords farm.

What do they do for fun? The lower class would go to festivals to dance, socialize with friends and sometimes buy good tasting food with the money they have. Life of women: What do they do to look beautiful? Most women would pluck their hair line farther on their heads making it dome shaped, she would have also plucked her eyebrows and eyelashes. She would spend hours in the sun so it would be bleach blond, and to go wit her bleached hair she would wear a hat and a long sleeve dress so the sun does not give hwr a tan. They also put on so much makeup that they could not smile or move their face at all.

Education: what type of things do they study? Women usualy did not get a graet education but they did get to learn just a little. The things they studied are history, literature, grammer, rhetoric, logic, music, arithmetic, geometry, and natrual science. Some physical things they studie dare swimming, dancing, fencing, and horse back ridimg. They also had to gain manners, sound character, and clever conversation. Women mostly spent their time learning how to manage a house, how to do needlework, be charming, decorous, and submissive wives.

Marriage and childbearing(who do they marry? At what age?) They were mostly maried at ages 13-16 and got married to older men.
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