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Lauren Peterson

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Othello

Scene 3 After dinner Othello takes a walk with Lodovico and sends to Desdemona to bed saying he will be there shortly and to dismiss Emilia
Desdemona knows what her fate is as she prepares for bed.
As Emilia helps her get ready for bed she starts to sing a song called Willow.
She says the song came from her mother's maid who died singing the done after she was deserted by her lover.
The song makes her think about adultery and asks Emilia if she would ever cheat on her husband for "all of the world"
She replies saying she would not deceive her husband for rich clothing or jewels but the whole world is quite a huge prize.
Emilia explains she thinks that men who deceive their wives only have themselves to blame for their wives cheating on them
Desdemona says she answers bad deeds with good deeds rather then more bad deeds
She gets herself ready for bed Scene 2 Othello William Shakespeare Lauren Peterson
Tiffany Patch
Tyler Hart
Kaylee Smith
Josh Henson ACT 1 ACT 2 ACT 3 ACT 5 Scene 1 Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 1 Scene 2 Beginning in the street of Venice an argument between Roderigo and Iago has broken out
Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him win the heart of Desdemona but he has just learned that she has married Othello.
Iago's hatred for Othello recently increases because he promoted Cassio to lieutenant.
Trying to stir up trouble Iago and Roderigo go to Desemona's fathers, Brabanzio, house and tells her father that Othello and Desemona are having sex behind his back
Furious Brabanzio follows Roderigo to Othello. Takes place on the shore of Cyprus
Montano, the island governor, is watching the storm with two other men
Montano predicts that the Turkish ships would never be able to make it through the storm, a man comes and tells him that Cassio saw the Turks lost most of their fleet.
At this point no one knows if Othello's ship was one that survived the storm
A ship rises of shore and has Iago, Emilia, Desdemona
Cassio tells Desdemona that Othello's ship has not arrived yet and then they see another ship coming up on shore
Cassio then takes Desdemona Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 1 ACT 4 Scene 2 Scene 1 Scene 2 “Thou weigh'st thy
words before thou
givest them breath.”
~ William Shakespeare, Othello Characters Othello
The plays hero and protagonist.
Highly respected general of the armies of Venice even though he is not a native.
He is a powerful figure and respected by those around him.
He is insecure about his racial and cultural nature being a native of North America.
His love for his wife Desdemona causes him to have a powerful and destructive jealousy. Desdemona
The daughter of the Venetian senator Brabantio
Before the play begins Desdemona was wed to Othello
She has traits of being determined and self-possessed Iago
Plays the villain in the play.
Has traits of being obsessive, relentless, and bold and often uses these traits to manipulate or deceive the other characters
Throughout the play Iago has many different motifs including resentment, jealousy, and suspicion
He hates women and is obsessed with other peoples sex lives Michael Cassio
Othellos lieutenant
Highly intelligant but very young and inexperienced in battle
Truly devoted to Othello
Iago resents Cassio's high position and uses his youth, good looks, and flirtatious manner to eventually drive Othello mad. Emilia
Iagos wife
Desdemona's servant/mistress
Deeply attached to Desdemona
Distrustful to her husband Roderigo
Jealous suitor for Desdemona
Traits of being young, rich, and foolish
Convinced that if giving Iago all of his money then Iago will help him achieve the heart of Desdemona Bianca
Prostitute in Cyprus
Favorite customer of Cassio
Cassio teases her with the thought of marriage but behind her back knows that will never happen Brabantio
Desdemona's father
Self-important Venetian senator
Friend of Othello but feels betrayed when finds out he marries his daughter in secret It is announced that Othello will plan on having an evening of celebration for Cyprus safety from the Turk's and his new marriage to Desdemona Cassio is left on guard during Othello's celebration
Othello and Desdemona leave the celebration to consummate their marriage. Once Othello has left Iago joins Cassio to guard.
Iago once again at his tricks convinces Cassio that Desdemona is suspected to be a temptress
Throughout this persuasion Cassio stays calm but is then convinced by Iago to have drinks and invite some revelers to join them as the guard.
Iago then reveals his next plan to have the others become so drunk he will convince Cassio to do such a disgraceful act.
Iago soon tells Montano that he does not think that Cassio is able to take on such a powerful role because of his problem with drinking which Montano suggest they tell Othello Cassio now is trying to do anything to get back in Othello's good graces. He sends musicians to play music under his window.
Othello sends his servant, a clown, to tell them to go away.
Cassio tells the clown he needs to speak to Emilia to try to get in contact with Desdemona.
The clown leaves but Iago enters and tells Cassio he will retrieve Emilia himself and keep Othello away to give Desdemona and Cassio the most privacy.
Emilia tells Cassio that Othello and Desdemona have been discussing his case and Desdemona is taking his side.
Othello is worried that Montano's influence and popularity in Cyprus would make Cassio's reinstatement impractical.
Othello really cares for his former lieutenant.
Emilia leads Cassio to come and wait for Desdemona. Iago and Othello walk together through the citadel and Othello gives some letters to Iago to deliver while Othello goes off to the town When Othello and Iago return they walk in mid conversation including Desdemona, Cassio, and Emilia.
Cassio quickly departs but Othello asks if Cassio is who he saw leaving.
Iago assures Othello that Cassio would not behave like a guilty man
Desdemona does try to convince Othello that he should reinstate Cassio as lieutenant.
He assures his wife that he will talk to him but when she tries to set a time he does not want to listen to her.
Desdemona is now upset with how Othello has treated the situation Desdemona orders the clown to tell Cassio she has made her suit to Othello.
Desdemona wonders and asks Emilia where her handkerchief is at.
Othello comes in ordering Desdemona to give him her handkerchief which Desdemona cannot do.
Othello tells the history behind the handkerchief and how an Egyptian sorceress gave it to his mother she told her that is would make her desirable and keep Othello's father's loyalty but if she ever lost or gave it away Othello's father would leave her.
Othello's mother gave him the handkerchief on her death bed instructing him to give it to the girl who stole his heart.
Desdemona worried about what Othello has just told her assures him that she has the handkerchief just not with her but Othello does not believe her and orders her to give him the handkerchief. Iago tries to convince Othello that it is not a crime for a woman to be naked with a man if nothing happens.
He continues to say that if he gave his wife a gift like the handkerchief it would be her choice to do what she pleases with it.
Othello soon is in a frenzy with all the insinuations about Desdemona's unfaithfulness
His focus is now on the handkerchief
Trying to get more information from Iago, Iago then tells Othello that Cassio has personally told him he has laid with Desdemona and Othello falls in a trance.
Cassio has entered and Iago warns him that he has fallen into his 2nd fit of epilepsy in two days and tells him to stay away but wants to speak to him once Othello is away. Othello questions Emilia about Desdemona's behavior but she tells him she has done nothing suspicious. Othello then summons Emilia to get Desdemona
When Desdemona comes Emilia is ordered to guard the door
When finally alone Othello is upset about his wife's behavior but she promises him she has not been unfaithful and does nothing but love him.
Othello leaves and Desdemona orders Emilia to lay her wedding sheets on the bed for the night.
Desdemona talks to Iago trying to figure out why her husband thinks she is unfaithful but he answers that he is only upset with official business and calls them away for dinner.
Roderigo now wants to make known his love for Desdemona.
Iago lies saying Othello was sent to Mauritania in Africa where he really was sent to Venice.
Iago convinces Roderigo the only way to win Desdemona's heart and keep Othello from taking her to Africa is to get rid of Cassio. Iago and Roderigo wait outside the brothel where Cassio visits Bianca.
Iago positions Roderigo with a rapier(type of sword) to ambush Cassio.
Iago leaves but Roderigo asks him to stay close.
Cassio enters and Roderigo stabs him but fails to pierce his armor.
Cassio stabs and wounds Roderigo
Iago comes in and stabs Cassio but then leaves
Othello enters and hears Cassio's cries thinking Iago has murdered him. He then returns to his bedroom.
Lodovico and Granziano enter but because of the darkness they cannot see anything but hear the crying men. Othello now standing over Desdemona preparing to kill her but gives her one last kiss before he does
She awakes and he tells her she is about to die. Frightened she asks why and tries to fight back
Othello answering her says she has been unfaithful with Cassio and he has seen the handkerchief and now Cassio is dead for his deed.
Desdemona begins to cry about what has happened to Cassio which makes Othello even madder
After much wrestling he finally finishes strangling her.
He hears a cry which is Emilia but mistakes it for Desdemona and strangles her again.
After finishing the murder Othello finds Emilia who has said Cassio has killed Roderigo and Cassio is still alive.
Othello realizes the plan is not going as planed
Desdemona cries out she has been murdered but stays alive long enough to change that and say she has killed herself Scene 3 • The duke meets with his senators about the up coming invasion of Cyprus. They soon find out that the Turks have joined with more forces.
• This meeting is interrupted by Othello, Cassio, Iago, and Roderigo.
• Brabanzio testifys his case towards the duke which the duke soon takes his side before he realizes Brabanzio is talking about Othello.
• Othello explains that he has married Desdemona, but because he truly loves her. The duke dismisses the case.
• Desdemona now enters and surprisingly tells her father that she truly loves Othello and married him without any magic which then causes a shift in her loyalty from her father to her husband. Scene 3 (Cont.) •The duke decides that Othello must go to Cyprus to help defend the island and Desdemona stay with her father during this time but she denies this and says she must go with Othello.
• Othello and Desdemona leave to get ready for their travels leaving Roderigo and Iago.
•Roderigo has lost hope in winning Desdemona's heart but Iago once again reassures him that all will be well.
•Iago urges Roderigo to follow them to Cyprus and promises him that he will work everything out from here.
•After Iago leaves the scene Iago proclaims his hatred for Othello and his suspicion of him sleeping with his wife Emilia.
•He plans to cheat Roderigo out of his money, to convince Othello that Cassio has slept with Desdemona, and to use Othello's honest and unsuspecting nature to make him weak and ultimately bring him down. Scene 3 (Cont.) •Cassio returns attacking Roderigo where Montano steps in to prevent the fight which soon causes him to be stabbed by Cassio.
•An alarm is set off and Othello arrives with his armed attendants and immediately wants to know what has just happened.
•Iago and Cassio tell Othello they have forgotten how it all began but Montano insist he is in too much pain to speak and tells Iago to do it
•Iago, tricking Othello, tells the story but leaves out many parts and making Othello believe he has true loyalty to Cassio which the audience knows this is not true.
•Othello dismisses Cassio from service
•After Desdemona is awaken from all the commotion, Othello leads her back to bed. Scene 3 (Cont.) •Iago and Cassio are left behind and Cassio is devastated at what has just happened and is saying how this has ruined his reputation.
• Iago suggest that Cassio goes to Desdemona because she can convince Othello of anything.
• After Cassio leaves, Iago reveals that when you think he is doing the most good he is actually doing his most evil work.
• He has convinced Cassio to go to Desdemona which plays right into his plan and can make it easier to set up the lie about Cassio and Desdemona sleeping together
• Roderigo now enters and is furious once again that Iago has all of his money and nothing to show for it. Again Iago calms him down and reassures him that everything is going well
• Iago plot has thickened and reveals he is going to convince his wife Emilia to speak to Desdemona on Cassio's behalf and will soon arrange Othello to witness Cassio's suit to Desdemona Scene 3 (Cont.) •Othello responds with he just wants to be left to himself for a while.
•Iago finally gets Othello right where he wants him and starts to set him up for the thoughts that Desdemona has gone between there courtship
•Iago gets Othello thinking of adultery and hypocricy. He tells Othello to keep an eye on his wife when she is with Cassio.
•Emilia is soon ordered to watch Desdemona even closer when she is with Cassio. She tries her best to dismiss this order saying it is crazy and doesn't understand but Othello firmly makes his order clear.
•Othello's insecurities are now showing. He thinks that his wife no longer loves him and is convinced it is because of his age and his race.
•When Desdemona and Emilia come to Othello and tell him he is expected for dinner he informs then he has a horrendous headache. Scene 3 (Cont.) •Desdemona worried about her husband offers to bind his head with her handkerchief but he pushes it away telling her it is too small.The handkerchief is now on the floor and is left there.
•As everyone leaves Emilia takes the handkerchief and gives it to Iago.
•Iago is overjoyed he now has what he needs and plants the evidence into Cassio's room.
•Othello now coming to his senses is angry that he believes Iago without any evidence and demands that he bring him evidence immediately.
•Iago is now telling Othello in detail about the time Cassio has tried to flirt with Desdemona and he has witnessed this himself and has seen Cassio with the handkerchief which Othello gave her as her first gift.
• After all of this Iago vows to help Othello to execute his master's now enemy.
•Othello promotes him to lietenaint Scene 4 (Cont.) • A way of Desdemona to change the subject she entreats for Cassio
• As Emilia talks about the fickleness of men Cassio and Iago enter and Cassio keeps persisting for Desdemona to help him but she soon tells him that his timing is horrible and Othello's mood is horrible.
• Iago says he will soothe Othello
• Emilia questions that Othello is jealous but Desdemona says he is just upset about some political matter.
• Desdemona goes to find Othello for Cassio to try to speak to him once more.
• While Cassio waits Bianca enters. SHe is upset that he has not visited her more often where he apologizes but askes her to copy the embroidery of a handkerchief he has found in his room.
• Bianca thinks that this handkerchief is a gift from another woman but Cassio says she is just silly. They plan to meet again that night. Scene 1 (Cont.) •Once Othello has awaken Iago tells him that Cassio came by but has arranged to speak to him later
•Iago comes up with a plan for Othello to hide when he speaks to Cassio and he will get the true story out of him.
•Iago tells the audience that he is going to ask Cassio about Bianca and make Othello think its about Desdemona. His plan works.
•Bianca comes into the picture and blames Cassio once again that the handkerchief is from another lover and demands him to meet her for dinner tonight or he is never welcome in her presence again.
•Othello recognizes the handkerchief and tries to come up with a way to kill Cassio
•Also upset with his wife he decides he will poison her but Iago advises him to strangle her in bed Scene 1 (Cont.) •Iago promises to arrange Cassios death
•Lodovico now enters with a message from the duke ordering Othello to be called back to Cyprus
•When Desdemona hears this she is overjoyed but Othello strikes her because of her happiness
•Lodovico can not believe that Othello has lost that much self control he asks Iago if he is mad but Iago replies with you must see yourself.
•Othello tells Lodovico he will obey the dukes orders. Scene 1 Scene 1 (Cont.) •Iago enters with a light and pretends to discover Cassio who begs for his help but then he comes across Roderigo and ends up stabbing him then leaves.
•Lodovico and Granziano come face to face with Cassio and question him of his injuries.
•Bianca comes in seeing the wounded Cassio cries out while Iago comes and questions him about his assaliant but can provide no explanation so Iago places blame on Roderigo.
•Cassio's says he does not know Roderigo
•Emilia comes and Iago tells about what has just happened.
•Bianca is ended up being blamed and is taken under arrest.
•Emilia is sent to tell Othello and Desdemona what has just happened Scene 2 (Cont.) • Othello tells Emilia he was the one to kill Desdemona and Iago showed him how unfaithful she truly was.
• Emilia then brings Iago, Montano, and Graziano in
• Emilia tells everyone about Iago horrible plans Othello starts to weep on the bed of his dead wife.
• Othello still believes Iago about the Handkerchief, Desdemona's guilt and Cassio's "confession"
• Emilia starts to explain about the handkerchief but Iago knowing he cannot keep the plan going silences her with his sword.
• Granziano stops him to let Emilia explain how she found the handkerchief and gave it to Iago.
• Othello then runs at Iago but Montano stops him. In the commotion Iago is able to stab his wife which she falls dying. Scene 2 (Cont.) •Iago flees the scene but Montana and Granziano follows him
•Othello left with the two women bodies he searches for another sword while Emilia sings Willow and tells him Desdemona truly was in love with him
•Graziano returns seeing Othello armed and mourning from his lose
•Iago is held prisoner but Othello stabs and wounds him Iago proclaims he will bleed but not die and he will not tell Othello anymore.
•Lodovico finds a letter in Roderigo's pocket explaining everything.
•Trying to find some more closure Othello asks Cassio where he found the handkerchief where Cassio replies he found it in his room.
•Lodovico tells Othello he must come back to Venice and be striped of his powers and be put on trial.
•Refusing to do so Othello talks about the good he has done for the country then kills himself and falls on the bed with his wife's body.
•Lodovicos shows Iago the results of his villainous actions then Leaves to bear the news to Cyprus, the duke, and the senate
•Graziano is named Othello's heir and Montano is in charge of Iago's execution Iago arrives to Othello's lodging before the angry Brabanzio and Roderigo do. He warns Othello that Brabanzio is going to force upon a divorce between Othello and Desdemona.
Othello sees a group of men approaching but soon finds out it is Cassio and officers from the Venetian court.
Bringing Othello a message reading he is wanted by the Duke of Venice about a matter concerning Cyprus.
Brabanzio and his men finally arrive which leads into an attack.
Othello stops the fighting by telling both sides to put up their swords.
Brabanzio hears that Othello has been summoned to the Duke and decides to take his case to the Duke himself. Scene 2 Key Facts Type of Work: Play
Genre: Tragedy
Tone: Shakespear views the play as tragic and views the marriage between Desdemono and Othello as noble and heroic.
Major Conflict: Othello and Desdemona marry and attempt to build a life together, despite their differences in age, race, and experience. Their marriage is sabotaged by the envious Iago, who convinces Othello that Desdemona in unfaithful.
Themes: The incompatibility of military heroism and love; the danger of isolation
Symbols: The hankerchief; the song "Willow" Scene 3 Scene 3 After dinner Othello takes a walk with Lodovico and sends Desdemona to bed saying he will be there shortly and to dismiss Emilia.
Desdemona knows what her fate is as she prepares for bed.
As Emilia helps her get ready for bed she starts to sing a song called Willow
She said the song came from her mother's maid who died singing the song after she was deserted by her lover.
The song makes her think about adultery and she ask Emilia if she would ever cheat on her husband "for all the world".
She replies she would not deceive her husband for jewels or rich clothes but the whole world is a huge prize.
Emilia explains she thinks that men who deceive their wives only have only themselves to blame for their wives cheating on them
Desdemona says she answers bad deeds with good deeds rather than with more bad deeds
She then gets herself ready for bed Scene 1
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