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Characters Alone on a wide wide sea

No description

Apolline GLAIS

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Characters Alone on a wide wide sea

Alone on a wide, wide sea. Characters
Part one (next) Part two Albatross The Astronaut Kitty Alexis The Bushmen and Aunty Megs Zita and her dad Mr and Mrs Bacon Arthur Hobhouse Wes Snarkey Marty Part one He was an orphan, he was sent to Australia, without his sister, Kitty. The only thing he gotten from her was a key. His favorite poem was "London Bridge is falling down". After Marty's death, Arthur went back to Aunty Megs house until her death. He worked in the NAVY but he couldn't keep a job. He married Zita and they had a daughter together. Marty was Arthur's best friend. They met on the boat
to Australia, Marty protected Arthur from being bullied by the other boys. They were together on the farm and they escaped together. They were both at Aunty Megs house, she found them a job in a boat business firm. When it burnt, Marty started drinking and he drowned after falling in the harbor. He was one of the boys that bullied Arthur on the boat. He was send to the same farm as Marty and Arthur. He died when he tried to escape.

Mr Bacon was nicknamed "piggy" by the boys. He was the owner of the farm that Marty, Wes and Arthur were send to. He was cruel, loud and claimed to be a devoted christian, but he wasn't. Mrs Bacon, his wife, was nice, caring, quiet, a good christian and completely under his control. She was first nicknamed "mrs piggy", but when the boys found out that she was really nice, they started to call her "Ida".
They are the ones that brought back Wes's body to the farm. They also led Arthur and Marty to Aunty Megs house. Zita was Arthur's nurse when he was hospitalized. They started dating and Arthur asked her father for her hand in marriage.
Her dad is the owner of Stavros Boats. Alexis, nicknamed Allie was Arthur and Zita's daughter.
She promised her dad that they're going to find Kitty.
She's the principal character in the second part of the book when she's on her way to England to find kitty. This bird was Allie's best friend during her trip to England. She thinks the albatross is the reincarnation of her father's soul. Allie's friend is an astronaut, they talked together during her trip. He's the one that found where Kitty was currently living. When Allie met Kitty she was an old women. She took back the key that she gave to her brother when they were children and it opened a music box. It started to play "London Bridge is falling down". Aunty Megs was a widow. She was looking after the orphan animals of the bush. She took them into her house, like they were her own children. She fell from her horse, so Marty and Arthur took care of her. Then, she found them jobs at a boat building firm in Sydney. She died few years later, when Arthur was back at her house.
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