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My Prezi :) By Lucy Johnson x

Lucy Johnson

on 11 May 2010

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islamic calligraphy Naskhi script Kufic Lettering Ta'liq script Bird calligraphy Islamic Ornaments :) This is the most famous
Sumbuli Script, by Arif
Hikmat POPULAR! =D TA'LIQ means suspension
Persia! Kufic Square Instruments for calligraphy: -qalam A pen made of
dried reed or

- different colours of ink Often the ink density is different, some particles
thick and some thin, to create the dynamic effect
in many calligraphic arts... in most, black ink is used - paper Before the invention of paper, papyrus
and parchment were used for writing. But what do you use? shall we explore
some types? Yes? Right then! WHAT is it used in? MUGS :) T-SHIRTS Just look at this lady... And this man... Tattoos! by your ear? your arm? Or, end up like this
cool dude with a
tattoo ? cool dudes Imagine having this baby
in your bedroom Wallpapers Personally, I think this
is slightly cool. Eh? still think calligraphys boring? Watch this! THANKYOU! Thanks for watching me:)
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